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twin pharmacists? o_0

wednesday i went to the pharmacy near me to get some scripts made up... they made a couple of mistakes, one i noticed at the time (they filled a script i hadn't asked for... this wasn't such a major thing, $5.30 is not really a problem.) but i later realised that they'd NOT filled one of the ones i had asked for. i went back in today to get that one, and was served by the exact same pharmacist (who i recognise because he had problems with my scripts when he was training s few months back.) i do understand that mistakes happen, but do not understand why he felt compelled to lie to me when i asked him if he had any idea what had happened. he claimed not to have been working when i was in, but i know for sure it was him. i wasn't angry in tone when i asked, i simply wanted to know what had happened. so why would he lie?
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