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Wal-mart and Sonic

I've got two Bad Service stories...one from Wal-mart, and one from Sonic.

My husband and I met up at the grocery store with my mother so we could purchase some baby items for her, as she would be taking my 1 year old son this weekend to give hubby and I time/ability to work on our kitchen (putting in new appliances, ripping out cupboards, etc).

We got to the baby food, where a male employee was standing over a broken jar of baby food. Obviously, he was "guarding" it to keep people from slipping in it/spreading the mess further. We stayed out of his way, gazing at the baby food from a distance.

The custodian arrived, and the male employee took off. Now, I've seen this particular custodian before...she's an older woman, probably in her 60's, and she behaves quite oddly at times. I can't put my finger on it, but I've noticed she stares/glares a lot at customers. As she moved toward the spill to clean it, she fixated her glare at my mother, who had approached another section of the baby food shelves and was making her decisions.

(Custodian) *Glare*
(Mom) *talking to me* Does he like corn and sweet pot-
(Custodian) Did you do this?
(Mom) *honestly doesn't hear the woman, as she is busy talking to us/looking at food*
(Me) *smiles politely* No, we didn't.
(Custodian) *ignores me, raises voice at my mother in a very accusatory tone* DID YOU DO THIS?
(Mom) *blinks, taken aback* Um...no.
(Custodian) *disgusted look, glares at mom more*
(Mom) *gives me a "what the fuck" sort of look*
(Custodian) *heaves a sigh and angrily begins cleaning*

It was obvious she didn't believe me or my mother, and the whole thing was just flat-out rude. She spent the rest of her time glaring at us while she cleaned. As my mother said later...what if we HAD spilled it? What the hell would she want us to do? We certainly didn't appreciate being accused and talked down to by this woman, especially when we did nothing wrong to begin with. My husband and I discovered her name today, and are seriously considering mentioning this incident to someone.

Then today, husband and I were on our way to Home Depot to get materials for said kitchen remodeling. I'm 5 months pregnant and hadn't had lunch yet, so I was hankering for some food. Hubby agreed, and we pulled into the nearest Sonic.

What transpired was quite possibly one of the most exasperating experiences we've ever had there.

(Hubby) Hi, I'd like a number one (my order, a hamburger meal) with cheese, onions, and mustard only.
(Lady) Do you want lettuce?
(Lady) Do you want tomatoes?
(Hubby) .....No. Just onions, cheese, and mustard, please.
(Lady) Do you want cheese?
(Hubby)...Yes. -_-;
(Lady) Okay, what else?
(Hubby) I'd like a number four (his order, chicken sandwich), crispy, with only mayo.
NOTE: We don't drink soda, so we both ordered bottled water with our meals.
(Lady) Okay *repeats order PERFECTLY, gives total*
(Hubby) Thank you!

We wait a bit, and the carhop brings us our food. We see sodas on her tray.
(Hubby) We didn't order sodas, we ordered bottled water.
(Carhop)..Oops! *runs back, brings tray with waters*

We open our bag, and hubby finds that they have given him a chicken wrap. He presses the button, telling them we have the wrong food. The carhop comes out, and hubby tells her exactly what he ordered. She takes the wrap, leaves, and comes back.

(Carhop) *Hands him another wrap*
(Hubby)....No. This isn't what I ordered.
(Carhop) *utter look of confusion*
(Hubby) *points to number four* I ordered a chicken sandwich, crispy, with just mayo. The number four. This is a wrap.
(Carhop) .......Sandwich?
(Hubby) Yes.
(Carhop) *takes wrap, runs away, comes back*

This time, she has handed him a sandwich. Hubby unwraps it.

(Hubby)...*sigh* This is grilled.
(Carhop) *even more confused look*
(Hubby) Crispy. Only mayo.

Yet AGAIN, the carhop runs away, and returns with a sandwich. THIS time, it's the correct one. We couldn't even fathom what kind of communication had to have been going on between the grill and the carhop for this mistake to happen that many times. The whole thing was one giant headache, and by the time I was almost done with my meal, my husband was JUST starting his.

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