paisley80 (paisley80) wrote in bad_service,

Leg waxing

I need to know if this was bad service and I deserve to get my money back, or if my expectations were too high and I need to get over it.

I got my legs waxed for the first time yesterday. I am a female and have patches of very thick, curly hair on my legs and as a result, have ingrown hairs. It's to the point now that I have to let them all grow out or they'll get worse and worse, meaning I have to allow a good month to pass between shavings. I've tried several at-home remedies for this, and nothing has worked thus far; my last ditch effort for improvement was getting my legs waxed.

I went in yesterday with the expectations that a) the wax would NOT get rid of the ingrown hairs I currently have, b) the wax would NOT get the finer hairs on my legs and c) the wax would NOT get ALL of my hair. I did expect it to get most of my hair, though.

I also didn't expect the girl to send and receive a good 10-12 text messages during our session. She told me at first that she needed to make sure her child was picked up from school, then after the 5th or so text she said "ugh, I'm so mad at her father right now." I am a mother, I understand needing to make sure your child is taken care of, but a quick call to say "hi, did you pick up the child?" is considerably more professional than getting into an argument via text message while you're pulling hair out of a customer's legs. Hmph.

While I have ingrown hairs everywhere, there are two major sections - my right shin and my left calf. When she got to my right shin and waxed it, she realized that she'd hit a patch, and started picking at the hairs. I told her not to worry about picking out all the ingrown hairs because we'd be here all night, and she said "okay!" and continued about her work. Like I said, I didn't expect the wax or the waxer to get all of the existing ingrown hairs.

She was all over the place, but I trusted that she had a method, and after a while I lost track of where she'd gotten and hadn't gotten. After she was done, my legs were painful and red so I didn't inspect her work, figuring I wouldn't be able to tell what she'd missed and what was ingrown. After I got home, though, and my legs weren't to painful to stroke, I realized she'd left quite a bit of hair behind and quite a bit of wax. There's a section on my left leg that I'm fairly certain she didn't even touch. They're not fine hairs, they're not thick hairs, they're not ingrown hairs, it's just hair. The section is a good 5"x3" wide. I think she saw the ingrown hairs and decided to skip the section, or forgot where she'd gone and just missed it.

All of the hair is still on my knees. I paid for a half-leg, and I KNOW she waxed my knees, but she left everything behind. This is obvious, and I know she at least tried to get them twice, but I guess she gave up and moved on.

She didn't leave fine little trails of wax on my legs, she left LARGE globs of it on my legs. Thankfully it mixed with the lint from my pants and was easy to rub off.

I'm wondering if this is actually bad service, or if my expectations were too high. She did a bad job, but is it enough for me to call and get my money back, or call and complain?

Thanks for any advice you can give me.
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