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Are you ready for possibly the weirdest story you'll hear today?

I have some hospital suck for you.

My mother recently stayed in the local hospital (Upstate NY - the Champlain Valley Physician's Hospital, which has a reputation of being overfilled and understaffed) due to some lung / heart problems she's been having. She was admitted on Friday (3/20), and stayed in a private room on a floor with about 15-20 other rooms with either 1 or 2 patients in them.

Everything went just fine until last night, Sunday the 22nd. She called me crying at 4:30 in the morning, and after a few minutes I managed to make out through all the hiccuping that just prior, a man who was a patient in a room in the same ward came into her room in the middle of the night.

Now, I'm fully understanding of medical issues. I don't blame this man for what happened because he's clearly not well. When my grandfather died, he was in the later stages of Alzheimer's disease and I helped to take care of him, so I know that sometimes mental issues and confusion do happen.

My mother woke up to a strange man in her room, urinating on her.

After a moment of terror (I can't even imagine what my response would be if I woke up to such a thing) my mother screamed and went running out of the room, nearly slipping in the puddle, and out to the nurse's station. It took her several minutes to even find anyone, and then she told the nurse that there was a man in her room, and what he was doing. The nurse's response?

"Oh, it's Roland*."

So there was a patient in the ward who's clearly had an issue with this before, if one of the nurses knows immediately who it is before seeing him. They got him out of her room and cleaned everything while my mom was in the shower.

My mother hasn't slept since. Two hours after this happened, the Staff Supervisor of the hospital came to apologize and fill out a report of what happened. She told my mother that the man is wearing a monitor on his ankle so that he can't leave the ward without the nurses knowing, but they did nothing to prevent or discourage him from assaulting someone in the ward with him.

As soon as my mother's doctor arrived at the hospital this morning she left against his advice. She doesn't feel safe there anymore, and isn't comfortable returning.

This is gross, gross negligence on behalf of the nurses and the hospital. I realize that there was definitely a medical issue involved with the gentleman, but it's the duty of the hospital staff and security to make sure that the patients are safe, even from other patients. If the man had a history of wandering or of this kind of behavior, he should have been more closely watched and the hospital's failure to do so is disgusting.

*Name changed

Does anyone have advice for my mother of action she should take? She feels as though the hospital really is just trying to act like nothing happened. I'm with her now that she's out of the hospital, and she's a nervous wreck. She says she can't get the image of him standing over her out of her mind, and she's furious with the hospital for allowing it to happen and being so blasé about it afterward.

She's filing a police report as soon as an officer comes to take one, and she's called the Department of Health at their Hospital Complaints line to make a complaint there as well.
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