Morigawa Akumi (catchingspirit) wrote in bad_service,
Morigawa Akumi

Washing Machine Debacle - END!

Hopefully, anyway.

Our washing machine broke. That happens. Then we discovered it was actually mostly alright as long as we did much smaller loads than we'd been doing; so it was wearing out but not dead yet. After awhile, of that, it was pretty much dead and time to call a repair man.

He came. "Fixed" it. It worked for one load, then stopped again. We decided to have him come again. He came, "fixed" it, it stopped again. Obviously this 'fixing' it was not working. At all.

Forget this. We want a new one. Only, suddenly the guy keeps setting times then not showing. Every time this happens, someone has to be here for it and it interrupts our day for nothing. Finally, we get the new one, but he tells us it needed something else, too, which he'd bring another time. Of course.

After several missed appointments for that... he showed up just now, finished, and left. Without any warning at all. Thankfully, I was here. It's worth noting it's been a couple months all together now.

Tags: ^annoyance, omfg
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