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Best Buy and McDonald's two-for-one suckage

My fiance, our roommate and I moved into a townhouse about a month ago. We needed a new router, since the roommate who didn't move with us had bought our old one and kept it when we moved out, so we headed out to Best Buy. We live in the Portland metro area, which has recently had the Clear WiMax service rolled out, and Clear representatives have been around town talking up the service, including in Best Buy.

This particular Best Buy is rearranging things and the routers were in two different spots in the computer section. My fiance had wandered off towards the video games, and my roomie and I were standing in one of the aisles talking when a Clear rep walked up, a big beefy athletic-looking guy.

Clear rep: *goes into spiel about how Clear is super-fast, etc*
Roomie and I: *listen*
Clear rep: so do you guys have internet?
Me: Yeah, we have Comcast.
Clear rep: What do you do online?
Me: We *gestures in direction of fiance and towards roomie* are big into online gaming - MMOs and stuff.
Clear rep: Well with Clear, there wouldn't be any worry about latency - your fiance can tell you about that.
Roomie: *gives me incredulous look*
Me: *flabbergasted* Uh, thanks. *walks away*

I guess possessing a pair of breasts and a vagina prevent me from being a gamer and/or knowing what latency is? My girly brain can't process that info and my man has to explain it to me in simple terms! I would be better off going back to the kitchen and making some pie!

After Best Buy, roomie and fiance were hungry, so we went to the McDonald's across the parking lot. I have celiac disease, which means that I can't eat wheat/wheat gluten. Eating at McDonald's is iffy, but I was annoyed at the Best Buy meathead and hungry, so I decided to risk it. I usually get a plain cheeseburger with ketchup and no bun. I get a weird look sometimes when I request no bun, but 99% of the time it comes that way (and sometimes comes sandwiched between two pieces of lettuce - they must think I'm doing Atkins or something). Our cashier was a small older hispanic woman.

Fiance: *orders meal*
Cashier: *taps at register*
Me: I'd like a plain cheeseburger with ketchup and no bun, a fruit and yogurt..
Cashier: no bun? *looks confused*
Me: No bun, and a fruit and yogurt parfait, and a small soda.
Cashier: *stares at register for a minute* Okay, so I have [fiance's order], a plain cheeseburger with ketchup, a fruit and yogurt parfait and a small soda.
Me: You have the cheeseburger as having no bun, right?
Cashier: Yeah yeah. Your total is $$$.

We pay, and step back to wait for our order. A few minutes later, our order comes up. I peek in the bag and see...a regular cheeseburger wrapped in paper. They normally put my bunless cheeseburger in a small plastic salad bowl.

Me: I had asked that the cheeseburger have no bun, and this one does.
Cashier: Oh, you have to tell me you want no bun.
Me: ...
Fiance and roomie: *at same time* She did say no bun.
Me: Several times.
Cashier: *yells into kitchen in Spanish about getting a new cheeseburger with ketchup and no bun*

I don't know how else to clearly say that I don't want a bun. "Yes, I'd like a no-bun plain cheeseburger no bun with ketchup and no bun, a fruit and yogurt no bun parfait, and no bun small no bun soda. Did I mention no bun on the no bun plain cheeseburger with no bun?" Gah!
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