Lindsey <3 (only_frodo) wrote in bad_service,
Lindsey <3

Post Office

Today, I dropped by the post office to mail off a few packages. I was all excited because there was no line so I got to walk right up to the counter. First, let me describe the layout of my post office. In line, you are behind a counter, then you walk out from behind it up to the employee's counter (I don't know if all post offices are like that?). Further background information, I am wearing a long, baggy-ish shirt, shorts (that aren't that short), and boots. Relevant, I swear.

As soon as I walk up to the counter, without even a "Hi" or "How are you?", I get "Whoa, nice legs!" I started laughing, and then he says something like "Sorry, you're making it hard for me to concentrate. I can die and go to heaven now because I've seen an angel." At this point I'm laughing hysterically because I'm sort of in shock over the way he's talking to me (and I just think it's funny). Then, he looks at the package I'm mailing and starts reading my name. "Your name is Lindsey? It's nice to meet you." That's when I realized how creepy it really was :/ Also, I'm legal, but I don't really look it...I probably look 17 at most. This guy is atleast 45 :/

I'm sort of scared to go to the post office again out of fear that he'll be the one to help me!

EDIT: I CANNOT believe the way I'm getting attacked for this entry. I didn't mean it like "OMG HE'S OLD SO HE'S CREEPY", I mean that I just don't feel comfortable being hit on by someone old enough to be my dad. Might be someone's cup of tea, just isn't mine. Whatever, any way I spin it, someone will just find a way to turn it around on me.
Tags: ^annoyance, anyone over 25 is gross, are the sheep looking?, can you guys fucking play nice for once?, enough dogpiling yeah?, everyone here looks like a fetus, finger on the delete button, hope i die before i get old, irritated mod, it's only bad service if you die, stupid ageism, stupid sexism, wank, you gotta speak up
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