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I went early last year to get some glasses. I had rubbed sunblock in one of my eyes and had a fierce reaction that lasted for weeks. I needed to get rid of my contacts for a few months to let my eyes rest. I had the eye exam and glasses, everything was fine. Fast forward 4 months. I have insurance and decide it's time for contacts again. I go back to Lenscrafters because I'm too lazy to find another optomitrist. For three months I try 5 different brands of contacts. The first 4 dried my eyes out within 4-5 hours every day. It would get to the point where I would wear a pair every other day for half the day, then put my glasses back on. The doctor kept insisting it was because I had a cold. I had worn contacts for 10 years previously and had never had this problem before.

Finally, I go back the 5th time. There was an older doctor there filling in for the original doctor. He can't read the charts/records, so I help him. He hems and haws for a long time, and finally a receptionist came in to straighten the room for the next day (I was the last appt). He asked her what brand would work for me. I was stunned, as well as the receptionist. She mentioned some brand off the top of her head, and it happened to be one my co-worker was raving about. So he grabbed a pair of those for me, and off I went.

Well, that pair worked fine. My eyes weren't drying out anymore. Then other problems started showing up: my eyes stopped producing the "sleep" stuff, I had a grey spot in my left eye, and double vision in my right eye. I went back to Lenscrafters a month + a day after trying out this pair.

There was a third doctor there, who was apparently the main guy now. The first doctor now only works 2 days a week and the second doctor was no longer there (probably retired). He checked out my charts, checked out my eyes, and told me I have Neovascularization, which is abnormal growth of blood vessels in areas of the eye including the inner back lining where images are processed and the clear front covering of the eyeball. My corneas were also inflammed. The doctor apologizes for the previous doctors.

Off go the contacts, on go the glasses. For a month at least. Turns out the second doctor gave me contacts that were "too tight" for my eyes. They essentially suffocated my corneas to the point where they grew blood vessels to get air. If I had worn the contacts at night like I could have, it would have been much more advanced. I also suspect the first doctor started this process with the first 4 pairs of contacts. We won't know until after my eyes have healed and I go through another eye exam (including the glaucoma test) and another contact fitting.

Today I had a checkup, a week after we figured out what was wrong. I now have to use steroid drops every 4 hours in my eyes for the next 7 days at leat. They make my eyes ache, like they are being pulled out of my head. Then the doctor made me pay for that appointment, as well as pay for the steroid drops. Luckily I had insurance, but it took half the money I had until payday. I went back after work today (same day as this appointment) to get a copy of my records/charts. The doctor came running out and tried to find out why I wanted a copy of them. He eventually told me he couldn't give me a copy by law, as the charts belong to the previous doctors.

Tomorrow I am contacting the AMA (American Medical Association), BBB (Better Business Bureau) as well as a lawyer referral service for the Seattle area. I also have to call Lenscrafters to find out the name of the second doctor. I do not want to pay Lenscrafters to fix the mistake one of their doctors made.

I know Lenscrafters and the doctors there are seperate entities. I do however think that Lenscrafters should be held liable for this if the second doctor has indeed retired. They have insurance to cover things like that. I don't want to sue them, I only want a refund of my money as well as future visits to them or another doctor paid for until this problem is gone. After that, I will gladly pay for contacts.
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