ali_kat_42 (ali_kat_42) wrote in bad_service,

Genghis Grill

My boyfriend and I went out to dinner Wednesday evening, to celebrate our 5 year anniversary.

Our town recently got two Mongolian grill restaurants, Hu Hot and Genghis Grill.  I've eaten at both, the boyfriend hadn't been to either.  We decided to go to Genghis Grill.  Oh, what a mistake that was.

When we walked in, the hostess didn't make any move to greet us.  So, I said "two, please."   Her response?  "Uh, can I get a name?"   She told us it would be about fifteen minutes.  Another couple came in just after us, but were seated about 5 minutes before we were.  We were seated at a table directly in front of the grill.  I decided that even though it wasn't the nicest seat in the place, at least that meant we would get our food quickly (the server wouldn't have to wander the floor looking for us).

Then we waited.  And waited.  After about 10 minutes, with practically every server in the house walking past us, a server (Paulie) stopped to ask us if we'd been helped yet.  We told him no.  He said he wasn't our server, but he would take our drink orders for us so we could get started in the line.  We thanked him and gave us our drink orders.  The boyfriend and I got in the line to begin filling our bowls.

It was a pretty long line, so it was probably another 10 minutes or so before we got back to our seats.  Paulie had brought us our drinks and some extra napkins.  Eventually, our food came up.  The person who I can only assume was our server picked our bowls up, set them down on our table, and walked away.  Paulie came to check on us again, we asked for soy sauce and he refilled our drinks.

While we were eating, Paulie checked on us two more times.  We never saw our actual server again.

After we finished eating, we realized we had a problem.  Since Paulie wasn't actually our server, he wouldn't have our ticket.  I got up to track down a manager.  I found a manager and explained our server situation.  He responded with "oh, really?" with a raised eyebrow.  I told him I would like our ticket, and that I wanted to ensure that our tip went to Paulie.

He brought the ticket, and spun some long winded story about how when they first built the restaurant our table wasn't there, so it wasn't in the original station map, but that it was now, but the servers usually argued about who it belonged to.  To be honest, I don't really care whether the servers like having the table or not (but, again, it seems like a great table for the server... it's two steps away from the grill!)  if its in their section, they should take care of their customers.

We tipped Paulie 8 dollars on a 22 dollar order and thanked him again on our way out.

We'll eat at Hu Hot next time.

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