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「addict」with no「heroine」

Okay, paypal... seriously...

I'm new and this community is just what I needed...

So... The beginning of this tale can be pretty reasonable. But paypal's lack of service is really getting on my nerves. See, my friend and I are into BJDs (ball jointed dolls) and she was buying one from me so I'd be able to buy a new one. So after messing with the fact that for some reason, even though she's got her checking account and credit card linked to her paypal, they wouldn't let her send instant transfers, we finally were able to send over small amounts through instantly. Admittedly, that was our first mistake, but when we've both got the qualifications for instant transfers and they won't let her send more than $40 at a time (except for that ONE time when it decided $60 was a good idea), then I think we're allowed to get a bit annoyed. She wanted to get the money to me before the doll I wanted was sold off anyhow so time was of the essence. So I finally got the full amount and about 20 minutes went by before I could get a reply from the person selling to confirm payment and all. I ordered the doll and both my friend and I were relieved and excited that the whole mess was over with.

At least for about a half an hour. I got an email with an inquiry from paypal. I never had a problem before so I panicked. I did as they asked and sent a response to them concerning the last transfer made between my friend and I. I explained what we were doing, why the money was sent, and why I transferred the money out. I also said I didn't really know what the problem was about since I've never really used paypal to receive money before. Since my response (which was about 10 days ago), the status of the dispute filed has been stuck at "waiting for other party's response". My friend and I talked it over and she never received an email from paypal telling her to respond, nor are there any instructions for her when she logs into her account. It simply says "requiring your action", but no matter what link she clicks on, it never sends her to a page where she can respond.

The best part is, while paypal's thumbing their asses over this, they're holding my funds from the last transaction... So I've been -40$ since this began and paypal does nothing but remind me that I owe them cash to compensate for the negative funds.

My friend and I have both emailed paypal about this. She's emailed them numerous times and even called them. She recently found about $83 (more than twice the amount in question) deposited into her paypal and asked me to check mine to see if my funds were back. But no. And the dispute hasn't changed since the 10th of March. She's never gotten any responses to any of her emails and told me the person she talked to on the phone wasn't very helpful and didn't give her any answers whatsoever. As for my email? I got what looked like an automated response. It had absolutely nothing to do with what I had asked and basically just told me I have negative funds and need to click a little link that supposedly is on my account overview page (it isn't there).

Now onto my mom's paypal account... My mom and I commissioned another friend of mine for some art. I've dealt with this friend about three times before and have never had any problem paying her (with my mom's account or with mine) when the time came to do so. This time, not too long ago, we attempted to pay her but magically the instant transfer option was missing. As was my mother's linked bank account! All it was going to allow us to pay with was the debit card, which we all know charges those ridiculous transaction fees. So I went, "fine... We can just RE-ENTER your checking account". After arguing with my mom for a good 10 minutes about paypal's method of "instantly confirming" by typing in your online bank login and your PIN (yes, I checked about 5 times to make sure I was still in the offical paypal site), we did it and what does it do? Send me to the page to confirm the account by the 2-3 day deposits! It never confirmed anything! So now I'm left wondering what the hell they're going to do with my mom's PIN and online login if their computers didn't instantly confirm jack.

I sent a nasty email to them on my mother's behalf asking both why the bank account had disappeared in the first place and why the hell it's still asking me to confirm the account.

Meanwhile, it still won't let my mother send instant transfers anymore.

I'm hoping I get answers to both these problems, but for some reason I don't think paypal's going to be the one to enlighten me as to wtf is going on with their crap lately.

Suffice to say, unless I absolutely have to, once these things get sorted, I'm not going to use paypal.
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