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So my DH was a best man in a wedding. The bride picked out the tuxes. Their wedding was on a Saturday. Due to the tux place being closed on the weekends, we had to pick up the tux on Friday. The guy says it's due Tuesday. After the Wedding, we check the hours to bring it back Monday since both he had to work Tuesday, and I had to elderlyperson-sit on Tuesday. Tux place is about 30 minutes away. We find out, they're closed on Mondays too! And Tuesday they're only open 10am-8pm. After Tuesday then they tack on a whole bunch of fees. That is some bad business practice... the least they could do is have some sort of "drop box" or something.

We have 1 car, so once he got out of work, I was to elderlyperson-sit, but I let my mom do it and I was out $40 just so we could bring the tux back. Who in the right mind would say here's your tux on friday and say it's due by tuesday, but be closed saturday, sunday, and monday!?

I didn't say it was b_s, I stated it was "bad business practice", but there is no LJ community for that.
I have a 9 month old daughter I have to take with me everywhere (and no I cannot get a sitter because everyone I know is always busy, so it's rare when someone watches her), so ruining her sleep to take my DH to work at 3:40am (20mins drive in opposite direction of the tux place) is NOT an option (plus he needs the car at work in case they send him on errands). And for the one person who said something about "oh you had a couple days to come up with a plan wah wah", guess what... If you read my post... you'd see that I did. I got my mom to elderly-sit for me. here's your sign.
Too many of you are assuming things, don't.. assuming = lack of intelligence. My DH is a newly licensed driver, which means with only liability insurance, I don't let him drive on the interstate alone with MY car that I've had for 8yrs. He, and our daughter, came with me rather than sitting at home. Being "lazy" was never an issue. I think you guys are just pointing fingers and shouting random accusations and assumptions.
We left the wedding early (before the dinner part), because DH had to work the next morning and the wedding didn't even start until 5pm. So we weren't just going to hand off the suit to someone to hold on to for the rest of the wedding, along with the fact that everyone were either people we didn't know, or people we knew were unreliable in taking the tux back on time.
So really most comments are void due to wrongful assumptions and lack of comprehending what you're reading.
oohh yea.. FYI. Their phone number is NOT on the ticket for the suit, nor are the hours. It just had some random sentence saying how they're closed weekends, and then Mondays from December to March. Their number or hours were not on their door or anywhere in the shop. The worker hid in the back room, once he gave DH the tux he RAN before we could ask anything. The worker is the owner BTW, from what we were told the first time we went. They had no business cards other than for other businesses. The store NAME wasn't even anywhere except outside in the front of the complex (btw, no number or hours posted there either) I also never complained about them being open 10-8, I stated a FACT that they were only open 10-8. I mentioned "only" because for the first fitting we were scheduled at 9:30 AT NIGHT for 5 people and didn't get out until 10:30 AT NIGHT.
From my understanding a business is in place to make money. Where do they get their money? CUSTOMERS! If you want repeat business, you want good business practice! We had no choice, the bride and groom picked the place so it's a suck on their part as well. We would have brought the tux back on SATURDAY, SUNDAY, or MONDAY had they been open. The days we work are random, but the hours are the same, so when we went there for the 1st and 2nd fitting, it fit perfectly with our schedules. Yes, it is the owners business and he can make whatever hours he pleases. He could be open 1 hour a month for all I care, but if he wants to stay in business, he needs to post his hours and info and be more clear about his instructions/due dates.

This is my only update. All new comments will not be read. If it's not enough info for you, there's always cssnark who can help you out with assumptions.
Tags: *bad policy, didn't read the box/sign/instructions, read the fine print, reading is for squares
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