Traci (elendriel) wrote in bad_service,

I guess this is semi a customerssuck on the part of my friend, but it was accidental.

There's a place in the mall downtown that has ZOMG the best ice cream ever. We were driving through downtown anyway, so I asked if we could stop there. He said sure. Now, the mall where this store is located has an attached parking garage, because it's horrendous to try to find parking on the street.

The parking garage has two entrances, both with gates that lift up when you drive up and get a ticket. Now, one of the gates appeared to be up to my friend, who was driving, so he went through it. I was digging out money from my purse, so I didn't really notice anything except that there was no gate there. It was a Sunday, so in the back of our minds we were probably thinking free parking or something.

Shortly afterward we parked and got ice cream. Coming back, my friend glanced down at the entrance gate, swore, and commented that the other one was down, and it looked like the one we drove through was broken, not up (I hope this makes sense). My friend is the nicest person in the world, and would never intentionally cheat the system. He's way too honest.

So I get back in the car, and he says he's going to go down and get a ticket since he realizes he didn't take one and should have. He goes back into the mall, down the stairs (we were on the second or third level, with no direct access down the stairs except through the mall), out the bottom door, all the way across the parking garage to the entrance, stands in front of the machine, and then heads back. I couldn't tell if he had a ticket or not.

He comes across the parking garage again, into the mall, up the stairs, and back over to the car. He gets in the car and says that the machine won't give him a ticket. He thinks it's because there's no car, and there must be a weight sensor or something when you press the button.

So we leave, intent on telling the person who collects money at the end that we went in through the broken gate accidentally, and couldn't get a ticket, but that we did have a receipt for the ice cream, so we are, technically, customers of the mall.

Mind you, this whole experience took just under half an hour. We told the girl manning the ticket booth at the end what happened, and she said she'd have to charge us $20 for the full day pass. We were shocked, and I told my friend not to pay it. He told her what happened, and showed her the receipt.

She wouldn't budge. She told us we should have gotten a ticket. My friend tells her that he tried to, explaining the whole fiasco, and she still won't budge.

Finally I'm ticked, as all I wanted was some ice cream. I go to the gym which is above the mall, ironically, and I COULD have just cheated the system by using my discounted parking sticker, but I didn't. So I finally lean across my friend and say, "We're not leaving until you get a manager. The gate is broken, we're sorry we didn't realize it, but it's also not our fault your gate is broken."

Finally after some huffing and seeing that I was serious, she charged us a dollar, sent someone to go check on the gate (she argued with us that it was broken), and then let us go.

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