Gwai-Poh (satansonion) wrote in bad_service,

Bank of America suck? Shocking

I have been banking with BOFA for 7 years now, and have had my fair share of sucks, but nothing quite deserving of action. SIDE NOTE: yes I know the most useful plan of action would be to withdraw my account and bank with someone else, but I unfortunately have a credit card with this piece of shit bank and am planning on leaving as soon as I am out from this debt


It was my birthday recently, and because of this I found myself in a more "monified sitiation"... 2 checks from two separate private accounts and a hundred dollar bill. I went to a branch I don't normally visit to make my deposit. I fill out my deposit slip like a good lil monkey and go up to the teller. bing bang boom transaction takes all of 40 seconds and I am on my way with my little printout (which I thankfully kept!)

fast forward 30 min later, I am studying before class and have an epiphany. CRAP! I shorted myself $50 on the "total" part of my deposit slip, but filled out the rest of the slip correctly. As in, I wrote on the front and back the two separate amounts of the checks, and the hundred dollar bill. Therefore, what I gave and turned in was correct and legit, I just mistakingly shorted myself on the "total" line of the deposit slip. So I call, and end up speaking with the same teller that helped me. I admitted fault, but also stated that what I had actually deposited was different that what was shown as being deposited.  " Well, I've already turned in my drawer for the night, but they will catch the mistake"

Uhh, ok, can you take my name down? Write a note? " No, its okay, they will catch the mistake and correct it, you should see the change in your account within the next day or two" (this is on a thursday BTW)

uh huh. Sure. So I give them friday sat sun (which I didn't count because its the weekend) and the full day monday. No change in my account. Okay. So I go down to the same branch on tuesday, armed with my little print out and ask to speak to a manager. I get
" ummmmmmmmmmmmm... I think one is here"   So a lady comes out, barely greets me. Ok fine whatever, I work in retail and I give people the benefit of the doubt most of the time. I sit down with her, explain the situation and she kinda hems and haws, stating that the teller that helped me is "really good" and laments that she " always gets the hard ones". ok lady, spare me the story just fix the teller error. I already admitted fault on my end but STILL the teller didnt catch it, which I believe is part of her job. It turns out that the great teller didnt even deposit one of the checks I turned in.

Well, I ask. Where is it? She says " I don't know, do you have it?" WTF lady that was my whole intent of going to the bank- to get this money into my account. I say no, I clearly remember signing the back of the check, and handing the teller 4 pieces of paper- 2 checks, a $100 bill and the deposit slip. "Well, I can't do anything without the checking account number from the check". Great. I find that hard to believe but I play along. I am very courteous and nice, I don't yell, I merely say ok I'll get the information you need and come back on thursday, will you be here? She confirms she will and I go on my way.

Now the check that wasn't deposited into my account was from my boyfriends dad. I feel horribly that I am going to have to bother him for his account number when he was nice enough to even give me bday money. I tell him to just do a stop payment on the check, and not to worry about it. Oh wait, its been deposited? well thats interesting, cause it wasn't in my account!

So, boyfriends dad gives me a PDF file print out of the check from his account, and boyfriend and I head back to the bank on thursday. Lame manager is there, doesn't remember me and I have to explain the situation again. I first ask her if anything has developed with my situation she says no (obviously, I knew she wouldn't work on fixing it) and give her the check print out. She says well I hope this will help (WTF you told me thats what you needed) and I then explain to her that the check was already deposited into someone elses account. She is not fazed (happens frequently?) and begins to search on the computer. She says AHA! I FOUND IT! and runs to the other room and comes back with... the exact same print out I provided her with. Okay... So she then calls customer service, except it is the wrong number. So she hangs up and calls another number, listens to the prompt and then asks us what department number  we think she should press. You are manager. I am a customer, how the hell should I know?  She gets on the phone with someone and proceeds to blame me for this, as in  " the customer entered the wrong account number and now her check is in another account" THAT IS NOT WHAT HAPPEND AT ALL!. She stays on the phone for a few more minutes when I see her wave and smile to someone out in the lobby ( we were in an "office"). She turns to me and says, "I have a manager meeting I have to go to, would you mind finishing this up for me?"

My jaw must have dislocated from my skull. This bitch is having me rectify the situation her teller screwed up on. The teller tried to fix her mistake and deposited my check into someone elses account the day after I went to the bank. And this "manager" has the gall to hand me the phone while she goes to a "meeting"- which ended up being her chatting with a client in the lobby over late fees for all of 2 minutes. I was fuming. The dude on the phone apologizes profusely after I tell him that the manager handed the phone off to me- the first apology I've gotten since this whole ordeal started. Miz manager comes back in and starts talking to me- WTF bitch I am on the phone which you handed to me! She then says, " you guys don't mind  if I eat, do you? " and pulls out a granola bar and starts chomping away.

The $50 is found, and put into my account but my real issue here is the unprofessionalism that the manager- who turned out to be an Assistant Vice President exhuded throughout the entire situation. I didn't expect flowers and ass kissing but an apology would be nice. Perhaps not making me feel like a burden for her teller error. I forgot to mention that she told me that if she wasn't here, I could talk to the teller who fucked up in the first place. Yeah, real comforting. I was and still am absolutely shocked that this woman is representing their company in such a way, and how little she cared that a check was deposited into the wrong account. It doesnt matter if it was only $50- it could have been $500, $5000, it could have been my paycheck! I feel that this was a serious situation, and the way she handled it was unacceptable.

SO, if any of you read my novel: any suggestions? I'd like to bring attention to this, perhaps to a DM or GM, but Im not sure how that works with different branches. The customer service line through BOFA is hit or miss, I've had them yelling at me for their mistake (again)

DONT BANK WITH BANK OF AMERICA! THEY SUCK. thank you for reading :)

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