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This is my first time posting, as I have been lucky to not come across very much bad service, and when I do, I try to let it go and tell myself that maybe the person was having a rough day or whatever. Tonight's case is very different.

So, I shop at Bel Air supermarket. I have been shopping there for a long time. My aunt has been shopping there longer than I have, and between the two of us, we spend hundreds of dollars there a month, we are there so much that we are on a first name basis with just about all the employees. But I suppose this is unimportant just background info.

I stopped in tonight to pick up a few items for dinner (french bread, pasta, basil, aluminum foil and chicken breasts), I get in line with one of my favorite cashiers, who has a small line, but I am in no hurry and dont care. Another cashier finishes first and pulls me from the line to ring me out a little faster, which is fine with me. He rings all 5 of my items, then looks at me and in a loud voice says...

Him: "WOW! YOU DONT HAVE ANYTHING UNHEALTHY IN YOUR ORDER AT ALL!! I AM VERY SURPRISED!11!!1eleventy!111!" *this is said in a very sarcastic sort of way*
Me: *shocked, mouth drops to the floor, caught off gaurd* Well sir, not ALL of us fat kids eat unhealthy crap >:|
Him: *shrugs shoulders* You have a GREAT night now!

Ok look, I know that I am fat, trust me, I.GOT.IT. but is it far far unnecessary to practically yell about how surprised you are that I am not like, eating sticks of butter covered in Cheetos and wrapped in bacon.

Tomorrow morning my aunt is calling the store manager, who she is good friends with, to talk about mr. cashier. And even tho I didnt get his name because I was in pretty much shock, his employee number is printed on the receipt, so we will be able to get this handled.

*EDIT* No he didnt straight out call me fat, it was the tone of his voice and the way that he said what he had to say that was what got me. My issue is that I should have to be worried about what a cashier may say about what is in my basket when I go to the store, who's businesses is it what I am buying and not buying? Was I being defensive with the fat kid remark? probably, but I shouldnt have had to be at all.
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