Childlight (childlight) wrote in bad_service,

Since everyone else is doing it

I'll post my newspaper issue.

My grandfather would get up at dawn and drive to the store for his paper. Then he had surgery and couldn't drive for several weeks. After I caught him trying to walk to the store for his paper I called and started a subscription for him with my name, address, and number as the bill to info and his as the delivery address. All went well for about a year. Then his mental state started to decline and I let the subscription expire since he was no longer reading it.

Then the calls started. I tried telling them to remove me from the list and they always promised they would then a week or two later they would call again. I tried telling them that my grandfather was no longer in a state of mind to even care about the paper. They would apologize and promise to remove me from the list. Then a week or two later they would call again. This went on for months.
Then he fell and broke his hip and they called. This time I told them he was 89 and in the hospital and to please stop calling.

A week later he died and a week after that they called again. I told them that he had died and offered to send a copy of his death certificate. And they have finally stopped far.
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