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Is trying to make me sign up for newspapers something that is blocked by the Do Not Call list?

I ask because I've had at least three calls a day from the same number, asking if we want to sign up for the Times Herald Record. We've asked them politely, 90000 times to stop calling, and last night they called at 9:30 after calling twice yesterday.

My husband let them go through their spiel and asked them to please remove us from their calling list, as we're on the DNC list and we don't want their paper. The response? To hang up on him.

He called the number back, got a person and asked them the same thing, and was told "Yeah, we'll take you off" but they never asked for the number. So far today, they haven't called... ::Crosses fingers::

We've been on the DNC list for well over 6 months now, so it's not even a matter of it being a new number, it's just ANNOYING.
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