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wtf lady

I wasn't even going to mention this but it's still bugging me, so here goes:

I moved into a new apartment recently. It has all-gas appliances, something I'm not particularly used to or happy with, but whatever. I especially don't trust the gas oven since I've used it twice and had to call the Fire Dept. twice because it keeps setting the carbon monoxide detector off. That's not even the bad service. The bad service comes from the maintenance department here at the apartment complex being in complete denial that there's something wrong with the oven. I even showed the maintenance guy the form the fire department left with me, that showed in writing that the oven was malfunctioning and stating unequivocally that their meters had picked up carbon monoxide coming out of it. Yet the guy was still trying to treat me like I'm a dumb female and tell me it's because the carbon monoxide detector was "old".

Cut to a few weeks later and I call Maintenance for something else, a list of things that need to be fixed around here, and I end up talking to the older lady who fills out the repair tickets. She brings up the oven, not me, and she starts telling me again that it was the detector. I tell her no, it was not the detector. She tells me yes it was. And I'm kind of laughing at the ridiculousness of it all, and I say "Ma'am, it was not the detector. I tried to tell the maintenance man the same thing but he wouldn't listen. I had the proof in my hand from the fire department, but he was damned and determined to tell me..."

The lady interrupts me. "Ma'am, I'm going to have the supervisor call you."

I'm puzzled. "What? Why? I don't need the supervisor to call me. I just-"

Lady: "You're cussing. You're obviously very upset about the oven and you're using all these cuss words and I don't have to listen to it."

Me: o_O

What the fuck? At this point I'm just stunned, trying to think back over what I just said. So I said, "Are you actually refusing to talk to me because I said 'damned and determined'?"

Lady: I don't have to listen to that kind of language.

At this point, I'm wondering if she's just screwing with me. 'Damned and determined' is a very old Southern expression. To call it mild is an understatement. My grandmother used it. A lot of people use it. This lady's accent tells me she's no stranger around here and I find it pretty hard to believe she's never heard it before. To call that "cussing" is to bend reality until it snaps. There's a big difference between using the word 'damned' in passing and cursing at someone.

I told her she was being completely unreasonable and please, do have the supervisor call me. I'd like to talk to him about her attitude. He called hours later, I told him what happened, he listened, but clearly he's going to take her side no matter what, so nothing is going to get done. I'm really angry about this. The way she was carrying on, you would have thought I called her up ranting and raving and screaming obscenities. I did nothing of the kind and I don't want this woman going around telling people I did. I mean, damn, lady...if you're that delicate, you shouldn't be working with the public. Go get a job in a church nursery or something so you won't be traumatized by such vulgar language.

Teal deer: Old lady who clearly has a stick up her ass completely overreacts and accuses me of being 'very upset', even though I never raised my voice or used anything but an ordinary conversational tone, then accuses me of 'cussing' her even though I did nothing of the kind.
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