Katherine (kitanaor) wrote in bad_service,

how to buy a neighborhood parking pass in los angeles

From ddelapp:

So you wanna park overnight on the street in front of where you live, huh? If where you live happens to be Los Angeles, then chances are, you need to buy a Preferential Parking Pass.

I tried during my lunch break to do just that - "tried", of course, being the operative word here.

I'm going to gloss over the little things, like the fact that this task can only be done in person, the "official" website that actually tells its visitors the wrong items to bring, or the poorly marked building, the parking garage with no posted rates (that is, until you try to leave), the half hour on a smelly bench waiting to give them my money for the privilege of parking within four blocks of my home overnight.

No, I was most impressed by "Yolanda."

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