Nathan (nathan_dorian) wrote in bad_service,

Irritating Service.

Teensy bit of irritating service, because now my arms hurt.

Firstly - I am a very short, not-strong-looking little person. I am biologically female and therefore basically look like a rather frail girl, also most people think I am about 12-years-old.

So, a deliveryman just came to the door to deliver my Dad's new monitor.

Didn't ask me to sign, just stared at me for a moment with the clip board in his hands so I asked, "...Where should I sign?" and THEN he gave it to me and showed me, without a word.

He took the clip board back, then stared at me again.

And just STARED whilst I tried to lift an extremely heavy box off of the wheelie bin (where he'd shoved it) and then just walked off in silence whilst I tried to get it into the house, bumping into the door frame along the way and having very obvious trouble.

Nothing major, just... Why? Why? At least say hello or say, "I have a delivery for Mr. Dale." or something.

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