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Bad service turns theift

Okay I hope this is in the right place, if not let me know and I'll move it.

The whole story starts end of Aug/early Sep 2007. I was unable to work due to medical reasons, and was looking for a way to make money. I do a lot of artificial flower arrangements, and saw an add for someone who was opening a craft store. She was looking for vendors, so I got more information. The cost was 60$/month + 10% commition, which seemed like a good deal. To secure my spot, I paid first and last month's rent (6 month contract min), and then waited as they were supposedly just finishing up construction. I saw this myself when I went to sign the contract and such.

She says she'll call me by the end of the week. Two weeks go by, so I call. Ends up there were issues, opening was delayed.

Then I had to go out of town for a few weeks to house sit. Opening was supposed to happen when I was out, so I dropped off some finished items for this woman to put up for me. I also say if anything comes up to call my contact number and leave a message, they'll relay it to me.

Beginning of Oct comes, and nothing. I call her, and construction is STILL ongoing, there's an issue with a permit or something. This whole song and dance (Her saying she'll open 'soon', saying she'll call with updates, and such) gose on and on. Finally I call her Feb, after hearing nothing from her for over a month. We're now at half a year she's had my money AND my items. She's called it off due to ongoing fights, and she'll get back to me shortly with my stuff and my refund.

Again claims she'll call me back. I wait a week, hear nothing. I call her back. She's been locked out of the building, so can't get my stuff back. For whatever reason she can't send my money to me.

This gose on until June when she CLAIMS she has my stuff, will drop them off the next day. I was SUPPOSED to have an outing that day, which I cancel to stay home and wait for this bitch. She doesn't show, doesn't call.

I call her the next day. Suddenly she's not got my stuff, it's STILL locked in the building. This goes on for the rest of June, July, and Aug. Finally mid Oct she claims she has it, she'll send it by courier to me. I never get it, and it takes me 3 DAYS to get a hold of her. The courier needed a room number. Funny, I don't live in an apartment building, or even NEAR one. Again the song and dance of sending it.

I signed up for a craft sale on Oct 23rd counting on this stuff. Finally the 21st she has someone drop it off. Great the whole mess is over!]

Only it's not. My money is NOT in their. I Call her, tell her about it. Again we get to taking my phone number (She's taken it over 50 times now), and she'll call me back when she finds her books. Again she doesn't call back, again I call her. I call her several times a week, and either she's not there, or she'll call me back, and she never dose.

It is now March. Over a year and a half since this store was supposed to open, over a year since she closed the idea down, and over six months since I got my things back. I STILL do not have my money. She's now not answering her phone calls from me, and I'm at my wit's end. She's admited to owing me this money. But she will not pay me back. And still being unemployed, that 125$, which was a GIFT to me, would be nice to have back.

I'm at a loss what to do now. I found out after some reserch she's likely a scam artist as she runs the following:

Home improvement business
Resume writing service
Day camps for kids

These are all under her phone number, with her name as the contact.

I'm giving her till Monday to respond to me somehow, then sending a letter via snail mail with return receipt required so I know she gets it. I'm not sure if small claims will help at this point or not, because I know nothing about legal stuff.

Mods I don't know if this is allowed, but if people are in the Durham or GTA area, watch out for a woman called Tracey, as she's the one who still owes me this money. She seems to be in way too much for one person.
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