Ru La Re Jo (purpledice) wrote in bad_service,
Ru La Re Jo

Dear Starbucks baristas:

You're going to need to pick one. Either you have a have a bunch of crap around the pick-up area, or you "shout" the drinks in a teensy voice that can't be heard in the busy cafe. You can't have both. Not everyone huddles around the pick-up area waiting for their drink. Some people sit down to munch on their treats or chat while they wait, or they sit to wait to avoid that same huddle of people. And when the pick-up area is surrounded by plants, advertisements, decorations, etc, and you don't put the drink out all the way, and then you don't raise your voice when you "call" the drink's all but impossible to know when my drink is ready.

This seems to be a current trend with all the Starbucks I've been frequenting lately, and it's starting to get annoying.

Please, either make the area more visible, or speak up.

Tall Caramel Apple Spice
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