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hosiery? bah!

I went to the Myer Sydney City store yesterday to take advantage of their scrummy 35% off all hosiery (I have a huge stocking fetish)

I bought a black lace suspender belt, some stockings and striped thigh highs, totalling roughly $30 after discount.

I was dressed like I'm usually dressed, goth punk, differently from the usual clientele at snobby Myer but I'm a paying customer, right?

I got to my place in line, the woman serving me (about 40, permed hair, tight lipped) doesn't greet me as she snatches my purchases from me, which she's supposed to anyway, gives me a look of death, throws my garter belt etc in a bag and slams down my change (I paid with a $50)

I don't think there's any place for this sort of bullshit. I felt slighted and embarassed, it shouldn't matter how I dress, I have money with which to spend in her fine establishment, although I don't feel like it anymore.

should I send a letter of complaint or something?
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