Jess (duckay) wrote in bad_service,

I'd like to start this out by noting that on the big scale of things, it wasn't all that bad - or certainly, no individual part of it was that bad. It's just that altogether, and on top of the bad day I was already having, it got pretty bad.

I went to KFC to drop my sister off at work, and thought I'd duck through the drive-thru to pick up something to snack on.

At the speakerbox, the transaction went like this:

Me: Hi, can I get a Hot and Spicy Kebab with no chicken, and a Pine, Lime and Berry Krusher please? (Note: the H&S Kebab is normally tabouli, hommus, lettuce, tomato, hot and spicy chicken fillets and hot chilli mayonnaise. I've ordered it before without chicken, and it tastes pretty good. It's also pretty inexpensive.)
Drive-Thru Girl: A Hot and Spicy Kebab with no chicken?
Me: Yes, and a Pine, Lime and Berry Krusher.
DTG: A Hot and Spicy Kebab with no chicken, and a Mango Berry Krusher?
Me: No, Pine, Lime and Berry.
DTG: Oh, okay, a Pine, Lime and Berry Krusher. That comes to $xx.xx, just drive down to the window.

I know that total is wrong; she hasn't taken the chicken off the kebab (it's a moderately substantial price difference). I've already started moving up by the time I think of this, though, so I figure I'll fix it up at the window. Before I can say anything though, she mentions that she's fixed it up, and charges me the proper amount. No problem, then!

Then she goes to get my kebab, and it's got chicken on it... so she makes me another one. From where I'm sitting at the window, I can see her making it, and I can see she's handling the food with no gloves on. I really should have mentioned this to her at the time, but I didn't. I regret that now.

As it turns out, I wasn't watching all that closely, because I don't realise until I go to eat it that it's barbecue sauce, not hot chilli mayonnaise. Additionally, when I pull the kebab out of the wrapper, there's a chunk of chicken (about the quarter of the size of a Crispy Strip, if that means anything to you) in the wrapper as well, though none on the actual kebab.

I go inside this time and get the mistake fixed, and I don't think to check it before getting back in my car. This time, it has hot chilli mayonnaise on it, but no tabouli, and it's not been toasted. It was too late to go back, but I am going to call back and complain, and mention the fact that she made it with no gloves right after taking money, as well.

(Sorry, that got kind of long.)

As I said, I don't think any one part of it was all that bad, but my goodness, just so many things went on, and I was pretty frustrated by the end of it.

ETA: I went in to complain about the problem (giving the summarized version with my main complaints - the fact that she made it bare-handed, the random piece of chicken in the wrapper, and the fact that they made it wrong a total of three times.) Before I could finish, one of the employees snottily interrupted with, "So you're complaining because someone used the wrong sauce?"

The manager was very understanding and gave me a free kebab for my trouble, but he didn't reprimand her at all for interrupting me, nor for her tone. The experience left me with a bad taste in my mouth, though the kebab was quite tasty.
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