modest (ex_modest195) wrote in bad_service,

Bad_service or...fraud?

I answer a Private number that is calling my cellphone, about half an hour ago. Honestly, while on the phone with her I can't describe her tone of voice, she mainly rushed through her sentences with a blatant nasty undertone.

Me: Hello?
Her: HimynamesllllurrrandI'mcallingfromslllurTdVisa. Your account is in excess xx amount of days. You have to make a minimum payment sometime this week.
Me: I can't pay tomorrow, but I can make a payment on the 19th.
Her: That's not good enough. You have to pay tomorrow. Can't you borrow money from some friends or family? So you're paying tomorrow?
Me: Okay well-
Her: So you'll pay tomorrow?
Me: Uh, could I maybe make a phone call and get back to you later?
Her: NO. You have to pay x by tomorrow.
Me: You know, I'd be more comfortable if I could make a phone call to verif-
Her: So you'll be paying on Saturday? I can put you down to make a payment on Saturday?
Me: ...May I ask whom I am speaking with?
Her: You will be paying X on Saturday. You have to make a minimum payment this week.
Me: Excuse me, but who I am speaking with? And you're calling from TD Visa, right?
Her: *hangs up.*

I called Visa back and spoke with another representative who gave me loads more information, I explained why it hasn't been paid, and we arranged a payment for the 19th...Without any shrieking? Heh. To be honest, half way through the convo I thought she was just a wack trying to get some credit info. Especially since Visa told me my minimum payment is something else.

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