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Update on the pizza problem...

In response to my problem posted here: , I spoke to the GM again this afternoon.  He was very concerned about the poor level of service I've been receiving, and apparently made the effort to speak to some of the day shift employees, who assured him that I am actually a good customer and not just some overly-entitled witch that won't be satisfied.  He apologized all over the place, and explained that they are going through some personnel changes and extreme training of evening shift.  He was honest enough to tell me that, while all that is going on, he still can't guarantee that there will be no screw-ups on the night shift, but that he would be doing everything possible to get the level of service back up to par. Seems he's also been hearing from the corporate office (I'm not the only person having problems with this store), and they are working with him to get the problems sorted out.  In the meantime, he gave me $40 worth of store credit, and said that I could use it on day shift orders until I felt like taking a chance on evening shift again.  I was pleasantly surprised by this.  I did not expect to be compensated, only wanted him to be made aware of just how poor the evening service is so that it could be fixed and I could return to happily ordering my favorite food. So, the credit was a nice surprise.  Of course, for the time being, I think I will stick to ordering my food from the early shift, but I was pleased that he went to this effort to resolve the problem and keep me happy.
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