scribbledaway (scribbledaway) wrote in bad_service,

Walgreens explaination.

I went back in to Walgreens to actually talk with the pharmacist about the issues I've had filling my prescriptions.
He explained why it's so often difficult for me.

I get a regular medication they keep very little of in stock, and is a controlled drug.

This means I get stuck in what he called, very professionally I might add, the "pain in the ass prescription loop." Unquote.

He said that their policy when filling prescriptions is not to do them one by one to completion.

I asked him for clarification on that and he said that when they are filling prescriptions, of which they have hundreds, if the one in his hand has a problem, such as the drug being out of stock, or something missing from or wrong on the prescription, they don't simply deal with whatever the issue is on that prescription. They simply set it aside and move on to the next one!!!

If it's something that requires a call to a doctors office, they do not make the call until they no longer have a backlog of prescriptions, even if this means that the doctors office is long closed.  They don't even begin the process of fixing whatever is wrong until  they're completely done with everything else.  The following morning they begin anew with the days precriptions, and the ones from the day before, if they are still there, sit there again.

THIS, he says, as if it's reasonable, is why folks come in and find that their medicine is not ready for them.
Now, when they come in and complain about it, they take care of the problem.
I asked him if he didn't think it would be easier to just do it when they had the thing in their hand, and save the hassle of being cursed at, screamed at, and hassled into taking care of it?

He said 'No ma'am'

So they can fix it when someone comes in and bitches, but other than that...nope.

If it has a problem it will sit there until it becomes a bookend.

I hate them. I truly, truly hate them.

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