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Walgreens truly makes incompetence an art form.

What should have happened:

M: (me)
P: Pharmacy assistant:

M: "I'd like to fill this.

P: "We don't keep large amounts of this in stock. Let me check and make sure we have some.  It'll just be a minute."

...wait a minute...

P: "Yes, we do have it in stock. Will you be waiting?"
M: "No, I'd like to pick it up at about 2:15."
P: "That's fine."

....half an hour later...
*phone rings*
P:" Hello Ms V, this is blah blah from Walgreens. I'm sorry but there's a problem with your prescription. The doctor left off some information that needs to be there before we can fill it. We're trying to reach him now, but it may not be ready for you by 2:15.  Why don't you give us a call when you're ready to leave and we'll let you know if it's ready for you?"
M: "Oh darnit. Ok, I'll check with you. Thanks!"

M: "I'd like to fill this
P: "I dk if we have it.
M:" Oh. Well can you check?
P: *silence* *silence* *silence*
M: "Do you have it?
P: "Um, he's CHECKING."
M: "Oh."
P: *silence* *silence* *silence* "Are you waiting for it?"
M: "You do have it in then."
P: *sighing* "Yes ma'am. Are you waiting?"
M:" No, I'd like to pick it up at 2:15"
P: *silence*
M: "Is 2:15 ok?"
P:" Fine"


I'm now in the pickup line (i cant make that sound any better) and there's another person working behind the counter.
M: "Hi, I need to pick up a prescription for.."
P: "Name?"
M: "me"
P: "Isn't that the one we needed the DEA number for?"
M: "Pardon?"
P: "I think we needed something on that one.".
M: "So is it not ready?"
P: "No, the DEA number was left off, we need to call."
M: "Have you called?"
P: *to pharmacist* "Hey did you call about that DEA number for XXXXX?!"
M: ....waiting...."Did they call?"
P: "No"
M: "So....when will it be ready?"
P: "I don't know. We'll still need to call"
M: "Is there some reason you didn't call to let me know it wasn't going to be ready? I'm with two other people and we all need to go to work. It would have been much more convenient to have not waited in line for something I can't get."
P:"I don't know why we didn't call you."
M: "Do you know why nobody has called the doctors office?"
M: "When did you find out there was a problem?"
P: *checking computer* "About 1:00"
M: "And you didn't call me OR the doctor?"
P: "No. I apologize for that."
M: *being a bitch because I need this med and now I'm going to be late to work, along with my carpool* "So in your opinion the most professional way to handle a problem with a prescription that requires a phone call to correct is to simply do nothing until the customer comes to pick it up, and then tell them they can't have it?"
P:"I dont know."
M: "When can I have my prescription?"
P:"When we get the DEA number."
M: "Is anybody calling?"
M: "GET somebody calling."
P: "Ok"
.....15 minutes goes by, during which I call my carpool and explain to them what's happening and why. when they ask my why the idiots didn't call the doctors office when they found the mistake, I answered "I don't have any idea why they didn't bother to call when they found the mistake. I guess they thought the best thing to do was nothing. They also must have thought that the time to tell me about it was when I came in, and not when they found out. Especially since they have my phone number right there." The woman behind the counter kept shooting me dirty looks, but hey....calling a spade a spade.
I had to wait, as well, because if I leave this particular prescription, and it's not filled within 24 hours it's voided. So I was stuck. And all of us were late for work. But finally....
Pharmacist: "Hi, ms v, listen I'm sorry about this. I've just called them and they're going to call me back with the number in like...TWO minutes."
M:"You know three people are now late for work. Do YOU have any idea why nobody let me know about this mistake when they found it?"
Pharmacist: "I have no idea, I don't really work that end of things. You're right, they should have let you know. TWO minutes."
.....ten minutes goes by....
P: "Here ms V......sorry about the wait...oh um do you have insurance?"
M: "Yes, it's in there"
P: "Because it says it's expired."
M:" You have my updated insurance."
P:" It's expired."
M: "It is not expired. It is brand new. I don't have my insurance card with me, since you already have it updated in your system, and I certainly don't have time to drive home and get it. Now please, if you could just pull up the right screen I'd be thrilled.:
P:" Ma'am I understand that you're frustrated but..."M: "....but you have my updated insurance and you are going to pull up the right screen and stop wasting everyones time.:
P: *sighing* "Yes ma'am."
...maybe 5 minutes later...
P: "Someone else found it. "
M: "Great."
P:" It was in there with your old one."
M: "Ok."
P:"So! It's all set now! Here you go!"

Right. An hour and fifteen minutes the whole thing took.
I was 45 minutes late for work. My carpool was an hour late.

I would have just left, but I wouldn't have been able to get another prescription from the doctor at the office near my house, since he's not my regular  prescribing doctor  for that med, and had just written it for me as a convenience get another one I would have had to call my  regular doctor, who is way way uptown, and then wait 48 hours for to pick up the scrip. Because it's controlled I can't refill it until I run out and i can't wait two days for it. Normally I'd have called two days ahead of time and notified my doctor, who would have had it ready for me on the day I ran out, but because the doctor nearby, who was seeing me for an unrelated problem, offered to go ahead and take care of my refills this time, because I was already there, I eschewed normal procedure.
No doubt Walgreens would have still found a way to fuck it up.

And Yes...I know I was a cold bitch, but for godsake......get real. I can just seem them now; "Oh...the DEA number isn't on this. We can't fill it. Lets just set it aside and when she comes to get it we'll tell her no."

I hate them. I truly, truly hate them.



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