Derek (injustifiiable) wrote in bad_service,

MegaBus SUCK...

For those who don't know, Megabus is one of those many cheap bus services that run between New York and Boston.

Anyway, I decided I wanted to take a day trip to Boston to hang out with a friend of mine. I'd never tried one of those bus services before and I figured, Hey!, it's cheap so why not. A few clicks on and $31.50 later, I get a round trip reservation; leaving NYC at 8:30am and leaving from Boston at 10:30pm, which was the last bus of the night.

The outbound trip went as planned...was pretty uneventful with a stop in dumpy Hartford. We actually arrive in Boston a half hour earlier than scheduled so that makes me a bit happy. I was a little annoyed about the fact that there was WiFi on the bus but no outlets to plug my laptop into, but whatever.

So, I have a good time in Boston and then 10:00pm comes around. So I make my way to Boston South Station and then get in line. I see a bus at the gate and think "Great, it's here waiting for us, maybe we'll even leave a little early!"

10:15 comes and then that bus leaves. Keep in mind, this bus was EMPTY. The driver had never left the bus, nor came to the gate. I think the part that pissed me off the most is that he could see 20-25 of us at the gate AS CLEAR AS DAY and he did nothing. There is a line forming and we all think, "Well, maybe he is going to get gas or something."

It's 10:30 and there's no bus.

10:45 and still no bus.

I call the 800 number on the reservation page I printed around 10:50. After being on hold for 3 minutes, the girl on the line gives me a 908 number which is some regional office. The girl at that number then transfers me to the dispatcher in Boston. I tell him that about 20 of us are waiting for this fucking bus and we want to know where it is. He then puts on me on hold.

It's 10:55 and I pretty much need to make a decision. Wait here and risk being stranded in Boston for the night (well, not really, but still) or hop a bus on one of the other bus services?

I RUN to the Fung Wah booth, plop down $20 and hop on the 11:00 bus back to New York...the last bus of the night.

Good luck trying to get a refund from them too...I felt like they were basically telling me "Oh well, not my problem!"...but clue phone for IS your problem since the damn bus never CAME. I'm disputing the cost of the inbound reservation with Bank of America because I REFUSE to pay for something I didn't just isn't right.

We will see what happens, I guess.
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