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Texas Roadhouse can bite me

Good grief. What an insane hassle this situation has been.

A bunch of my family went to Texas Roadhouse on a Sunday. There were signs all over the place advertising a special: Come in on Monday-Thursdays before 6:00 pm and [these select] dinners will be on sale for $7.99.

Two days later, a Tuesday at 4:30 pm, my husband and I were stuck out for a long time in the afternoon and we needed food. I like the sides there (being a vegetarian and all) and thought that would be a pretty good deal. I'll pick on the sides we can get and my husband can have the meat.
Well, bill time comes and we're charged full price for everything. Hubby asks about this and the waiter gives us this asinine excuse of "Well, it's a new special and not in effect yet." Something like that. I beg your pardon? You have signs up all over the place, they were there 2 days ago, and they DO NOT state any time frame. (Such as beginning March 1 or something.)
He shrugs his shoulders and says sorry. We ask for a manager who is not there. Pressed for time we decide to leave and deal with it in the next few days.

When we finally got home I wrote a complaint to their website. I heard nothing back for 2 weeks. (Keep in mind I'm leaving time for them to respond and I have a lot going on in my life so this isn't, like, top priority.) Finally my husband calls the local restaurant and gets a "manager". I really don't think he spoke to a manager but someone pretending to be one. Because the names did not match up at all. Anyways, this person claims that they are all confused in their systems right now due to a lot of new ... whatever... like a new computer program they're installing or something like that. This person claims they will get back to my husband within 3 days.

Never happened.

So I send another email firmly stating how disappointed I am in their inability to meet customer satisfaction. (Honestly I was not a jerk. Because I know being a jerk doesn't get you anywhere, so I just kept it to a very firm but polite tone.)

We get a call the next day from a person who I really think is the manager and he says he's sorry about all this. (I cannot remember what his excuse was for us not receiving the special price...) But anyways he offers to mail us a coupon for a free meal.

It has now been one week from that promise and we have not received the coupon.

So. To sum up. I am quite livid about the terrible way they deal with customer satisfaction. I'm not one who wants instant butt-kissing but I do expect a reasonable amount of apology and matters to be dealt with in a more TIMELY manner. So even if we do finally get this coupon, I'm still quite appalled by their lacksidaisel way of customer service. We will eat there with that coupon, if we ever get it that is, and then honestly, that will be the last of it. This company has really made me disgusted in regards to their customer service.

BTW, all this time the only thing I wanted was the advertised price. I've never demanded free meals or anything, I just kept telling them I want to be refunded for the special price that was advertised.
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