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The Wal-Mart near me always has terrible service in general. I’ve never used their pharmacy, but for this particular prescription that I got on Tuesday they were a few bucks cheaper then my regular pharmacy. So I figured, what the heck. I dropped it off with this little girl at the counter who told me it would be about 45 mins. She specifically asked me if I was going to wait in the store and I said that I would. It wasn’t worth it to drive all the way home just to turn around and come all the way back. So I wander around the store, bored and exhausted from a long day, before going back to the counter once the 45 mins were up. A different woman’s at the pickup counter and she looks me up by name.

Wal-Mart Pharmacy Woman: Oh, your prescription’s out of stock!
Me: Ooookkaaaaayyy…. (I was kind of taken aback at first. I was trying to think where I could go to get it filled that day. Dates kind of mattered with this drug and I was worried. Any pharmacist would know that this particular drug can only be taken at certain times and if I miss my chance I’m screwed.) So, can I have it back?
WMPW: Have what back?
Me: My prescription. I need it back if you don’t have it in.
WMPW: We’ll have it in later in the week. (frown)
Me: I really need it today. Can I please have it back?
WMPW: You have to get it from there (points at the same girl I dropped the prescription off with)

I go over to the original little pharmacy girl and ask her for my prescription back.

Little Pharmacy Girl: Sorry about that.
Me: It’s alright (I’m super annoyed because it’s getting late and I don’t know where else I can really go at this point plus it’s the end of a very long work day, but it’s not her fault they’re out)
LPG: Yeah, the computer showed we had 10, but we don’t have it in at all!  That was surprising
Me: (Then something occurs to me.) So, why didn’t you page me to let me know?
LPG: Because the computer showed we had 10.
Me: Right, but why didn’t you page me when you found out there weren’t any?
LPG: Because it showed we had 10?
Me: But you didn’t just find this out right now when I came to pickup, right? You found out sometime in the 45 mins since I dropped the prescription off.
LPG: Riiiggggghhhtttt. Like I said though, sorry we don’t have it. 
Me: That’s not the point though. Why did you make me waste 45 mins.; or however long ago you found out you didn’t have the prescription? You could have paged me when you found out there was 0 instead of 10.

Round and round we went while she tried desperately to find my original prescription and be rid of me. I know it’s probably not her personal fault that no one paged me, but she was the representative of the pharmacy in front of me at that time so she got to speak for what everyone did wrong, not just her. I was mad at the entire operation. Why waste my time when they could have just paged me and let me know they were out? If they (the pharmacists) knew anything about the drug at all, which I hope they do since it’s their profession, they should have known that it couldn’t wait until the next day and had someone notify me immediately so that I could still get it filled that day elsewhere. Why ask me if I’m going to wait in the store then? Just an annoying experience overall. And yes, there was some customer suck from me, but I was just too angry to keep complete control.
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