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hello, how can i piss you off today?

I had to make posters for my job and make five copies and have them laminated. I picked the size posterboard I wanted to use and went to the laminating desk. After waiting for the girl to stop looking at facebook at the desk patiently (YES. FACEBOOK AT WORK. WHEN CUSTOMERS ARE STANDING THERE. strike one.) 
I asked her if she can laminate this size board. She looks at it and says "yeah." I ask if she can laminate them with the type of laminate I wanted to use. Again, she says "yeah"

I go back two days later , see the same girl  and say "Hi again, just wanted to get these laminated" 

She looks at the boards  and says....
"These are too big." 
Me: do you remember me from the other day?
Girl: yeah.
Me: then you must remember telling me that you can laminate this size.
Girl: i didnt say that ,these are too big.
Me: did. You said you could laminate this size.
Girl: idk why because these are too big.
Me: Me neither, since I bought them and made all these only after you told me that you could do it.
Girl: That's not my fault.

Me: well,'s directly your fault. I only bought these and made all these because you said there wouldn't be a problem. If you'd told me they were too big then i'd have bought smaller ones.
Girl: Well like, what do you want me to do about it?
Me: I'd like you to TELL ME what size i can laminate at, and I'd like to speak to your manager.
Girl: She's not here, and Idk what size is the max.
Me:....................................then how do you know these are too big if you don't know the max size???
Girl: I just do they're too big.
Me: Ok. I give up. please can I have your managers # or a customer service line? 
Girl : I'm not giving you that.

 I'm thinking at this point.....ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?!?!!?!

Me: Ok. I'll get the store manager (this desk is in the middle of a big office supply store) 

As I walk away I hear her mutter "bitch"  under her breath.

What the fuck...... I was very calm through this blatant stupidity.

I got the manager, and he gave me 50% off the lamination of the new boards, and what I really wanted all along: an apology.

At least the store manager is reasonable.

Tags: lazy worker

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