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Consistent bad service sucks...consistently

A little background to help you understand why this particular bad service is frustrating. I am in a wheelchair, and don't drive. This makes it difficult to go out and eat. I also live in a town where about the only places that deliver food are pizza places. We have three national chains around here - Pizza Hut, Domino's and Donato's.  Only Donato's carries salads of any kind, and I like their pizza better, so I order from them at least once a week.  This is not usually a problem when I call and order during their lunch hours.  Their evening shift, on the other hand...

Type your cut contents here  The past half dozen times I have ordered from them, they have gotten my order wrong.  The first time, they forgot to bring diet soda instead of regular soda. I called them back, and they sent out the correct soda 45 minutes later.  The second time, I ordered a beef sub on white roll with a side salad and a diet soda. They brought a turkey sub on wheat.  When I called, they sent out the correct sub 35 minutes later.  I called the manager the second time and explained that they had goofed up a couple of orders now, and I wanted to give him a heads up that they needed to check them more thoroughly before sending them out.  The next time, I ordered a small pizza, a salad, and a diet soda. I got the puzza, a salad with no dressing, and regular soda.  Called back, 35 minutes to re-deliver, etc.  Fourth time, I had friends coming over, so I ordered a large pizza, a family sized salad, an order of 10 chicken wings, a diet soda and a regular soda.  I got two regular sodas, a large pizza, a salad, and a beef sub sandwich.  Called the manager again, reported the problem, had to wait, again, until they re-delivered.  

I always pay by credit card, and a couple of times, the clerk on the other end of the phone started repeating my credit card number out loud. I asked him not to do this, because I did not like the idea of people who might be standing there listening to my credit card number. I have had to ask the same clerk not to do this a couple of times before.  Last week, he insisted "Well, it's easier for me, and there's no one else here."  I said, "I would still appreciate it if you NOT repeat it out loud like that, there ARE other employees and customers around."  I thought I asked quite politely, and I do not have a problem speaking clearly, so I know he was able to understand me.  He was able to repeat my order back to me accurately without pausing in the middle to repeat any of it.  Sure enough, the order was missing some items.  I talked to the general manager the next day, told him I was very unhappy, as this has been happening consistently on their evening shift. The GM gave me a speech about how he just started working there about six weeks ago, and had been assigned to "straighten things out" at that store.  

Which leads to last night/today.  I was in the hospital last week for a lung infection, and came home from the hospital yesterday afternoon. I didn't feel up to cooking, so I called Donato's to order delivery for dinner.  I ordered a chicken harvest salad (Grilled chicken breast, bacon bits, cranberries, apple chunks, glazed walnuts and bleu cheese, with a wonderful apple vinaigrette dressing), a small mariachi pizza, a garlic bread with pizza sauce, and a diet soda.  The order arrived, I signed my slip, and off when the driver. I opened the salad, there was no bleu cheese on it, and one of the dressing packs had busted open and spilled salad dressing all over the contents of the bag.  There was also no pizza sauce for my garlic bread.  I called, told them about the problem. Was told, "Well, a lot of people order it without bleu cheese."  I explained that I had NOT ordered it without bleu cheese, and also the salad dressing was all over my order.  I forgot to mention the lack of pizzas sauce, which I HAD asked for.  The sent the driver back with a replacement salad, and by the time she got back, I had eaten the pizza and was not hungry, so I stuck the salad in the fridge for today.  I got the salad out a short while ago, and there was NO chicken on it.

I called back as soon as I saw it, and the GM was not there.  I spoke to the AM, who apologized and promised to have him call me when he is there tomorrow.  Meanwhile, I've got a chicken salad with no chicken on it, and am generally one unhappy customer.  I could understand if it were only the occasional screw-up, but for crying out loud, they have screwed up the past six out of ten orders just from me.  If I don't hear back from the GM tomorrow, my next call is going to be to their corporate offices. It's just such a frustrating situation of bad service to me, especially since I am homebound and kind of stuck with it if I want to get a blasted salad with my meal.  .
 Wow, that got long. Thanks for letting me vent.
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