City Bird (starsorstreet) wrote in bad_service,
City Bird

Quit messing up my caffeine fix

Somewhat minor bad service to me, but it really annoyed me how she was treating her coworker in front of customers. It didn't help that during this my SO was in a terrible mood and it was very difficult to control a 20 month old while standing in a lineup. That part isn't under the barrista's control though.

We really really needed coffee. At my favorite local shop this usually takes only moments. This location is a stand in a busy indoor market. They had two newer staff on which doesn't often happen during peek times.

SO gets his coffee without incident. I give my order to the NewestGal. She doesn't quite get it first, and it's a long one so no biggie I repeat (large sugar-free caramel latte with soy). The other barrista hears me say it twice because she repeats it as well under her breath.

Not realizing she heard, NewestGal repeats the order to NewGal who replies "YEP. I've GOT it" in this nasty tone. Newestgal's eyes widen and she just quietly goes back to ringing me up.

NewestGal asks the NewGal how to ring it in, "I hit cappucino then something right?" The other girl ignores her for a moment and futzes around. She must have had to ask three times before NewGal huffs and comes over to show her. Meanwhile NewGal still isn't making my drink and is stomping around the stand with this awful look on her face. NewestGal just looked sad.

Two other less complicated latte/cap orders are rung in from the people behind us. There sits three empty cups.

I stand aside and watch. NewGal confirms the other two orders and NewestGal says "Yup and that *my order*" for good measure. NewGal then proceeds to wipe out the counter, scowl at the otehr barrista, tie up the trash and whip it in the corner, stare at me, tell my SO's son how cute he is (ok, so this part was fine :D), etc. THEN she verrry slowly begins to make my drink. Like, comically in slow motion.

They normally keep the sugar free syrups separate. She went to the area with the rest of the syrups and loaded my drink. I watched her and should have spoken up, but I was far back to get out of the way and wasn't sure I was correct. Normally sugar free drinks get nothing on top unless otherwise specified, but she then loaded it with caramel topping as well (I didn't mind this as much and figured I could scrape it off). I took a drink and it was much too rich, but by that point I just wanted to get the heck out of there.

Now some good service from a cute teenage boy at Old Navy. He had some sort of crick in his neck that caused his head to tilt sideways and it looked quite painful, but he had the sunniest disposition and was so adorable. He made nice chit chat as he rang me up and complimented me on the colour of my hoodie that I was buying and told me his girlfriend's prom dress is the same colour etc. I was somewhat moody after waiting in a very long line twice (forgot something the first time, d'oh) and his attitude totally turned my frown upside down.

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