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Misinformation + Bad Attitude=Bad Service

So, I had to go in early for a meeting at work on what would otherwise be a day off. Rather than mess around at home, I decided to stop for espresso on my way and actually eat something later.

I pulled into a cafe with a drivethrough espresso window that I've bought from before, although not in some time*. The car ahead of me took long enough that I had plenty of time to count my cash, study the menu board and choose a twelve-ounce mocha for $2.75. Tax meant I would get only a few pennies back from my $3.

I pulled up and ordered my mocha. The barista produced it fairly quickly, set it on the counter and said "That'll be $3.24."

I had the cash already extended and I just blinked at her, then said, "Uh...fifty cents' tax?"

She said VERY snippily, "No, 24 cents tax. The price is three dollars."

She pointed to an 8x11 sheet of paper in the window, half-concealed behind jars of biscotti and muffins and visible once I had pulled up only by craning my neck.

I looked at her, I looked at the paper (with what did seem to be a price list on it, from the parts I could see), and then I looked behind me at the huge menu board with two-inch-high lettering. And I said, "Well, you should change the prices on the big sign then, because I only have three dollars." I set the money on the shelf next to the drink.

It came out annoyed, but the attitude was the main reason for my annoyance--silly me for believing your damned menu, jeez.

She huffed a sigh at me and said "Well, I'd just have to throw it away ANYWAY--" in an even nastier tone (if that's possible) before picking up the money and pushing the drink closer to me.

I took the drink, set it in the cupholder and said "You really should do something about that sign," as I rolled the window up.

Really. If you can post a sheet of paper in the window, you can at the very least put more paper on the big signboard to tell people PRICES HAVE CHANGED.

*Plse note this is the only OPEN stand in town at six-thirty on a Saturday morning.
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