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Rude Restaurant Service

This'll be a short story, since we didn't stick around.

I went out to dinner with a fairly large group (12). We went to the local restaurant that we go to multiple times a month as a group. It was just our group and one other table, as far as I could see.

I'll admit, we were being a little loud. We had a long but happy day, and were chatting and laughing. We had just placed our drink order and were munching on the complimentary bread. Someone said something particularly funny, and we let out a burst of group laughter. A manager walked brusquely by, not even next to our table, but along another row completely, and snapped "You all need to be quiet!" as he continued to walk to the front. We immediately quieted down, but were like "What was that about? He could have... I don't know... asked nicely or something." We were exchanging "wtf: faces with each other, and someone accidentally caught the eye of the woman at the other table, who said "I didn't mind you guys!" and shrugged at us.

Someone in our group went up to the front counter where the manager went, and asked the manager why our conversation was a problem, had someone complained? Manager guy snapped at him that "everyone was complaining" and that we were "being extremely rude." My group member said he thought the manager was being rude, that he didn't appreciate being talked to like that, and that we'd gladly eat elsewhere if we were such a problem.

Manager's response? "Fine." As he turned his back to my friend.

So, we left after giving our waitress $20 to cover a tip and the couple sodas we had received, went next door to Famous Dave's, had stellar service and a friendly waitress who laughed along with us, and probably won't be going to the local place as a group or individuals again.

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