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Pizza is NOT for "Me"

There's a pizza place by my house named Pizza 4 "U".  I roll my eyes at the name (and unnecessary quotes) on a daily basis, but it's close, so we've been meaning to order from there sometime.  We got coupons in our mailbox this week, so we decided to try it out. 

5:51 (cell phone time):  My husband calls and orders a large pizza with pepperoni and mushrooms, and an order of breadsticks.  He is told that it would be about 1 hour. 

6:40: We put the cats away so they don't escape, and assemble our money and coupons.  The porch light is turned on, and the door is opened, allowing our house to be easily seen.

6:51:  We give Pizza 4 "U" the benefit of the doubt

7:05:  Whining has commenced

7:15:  Husband calls.  The rude man on the phone sighs and asks our address.  We are told that the pizza has been taken for delivery about 20 minutes ago, so it should be almost there.  We tell the man that we are only 1/2 mile away.  He growls "we have OTHER CUSTOMERS TOO" and hangs up. 

7:30:  Whining has given way to anger.

7:45:  We call again.  I talk this time, and tell rude man that it has been almost 2 hours.  He sighs and gives us to the (somewhat nicer) manager.  I explain the situation to the manager.  The manager informs me that I picked up the pizza an hour ago!  I point out that I've been sitting in my house the whole time, and that we ordered it for delivery.  I ask him to look.  He confirms that yes, we did order for delivery, but he sold our pizza anyway. 

I ask him why we were told 30 minutes before that our pizza was on its way, when it had been sold 30 minutes before THAT.  He doesn't know.  I explain that I understand that things happen, but the lying was unacceptable.  His attitude is that stuff happens, and he offers no solutions to the problem.  I ask him what can be done.  The following conversation occurs:

Him: "Here's what I can do for you!  I can resubmit your order like a new one and deliver your pizza!" (Said like it's the best thing in the world, and will fix everything)
Me: "How long would that take?"
Him: "Unfortunately, we're really busy right now and short staffed, so it would be quite awhile*"
Me:  "Well, we've been waiting for 2 hours, and we're hungry, so we will be getting dinner somewhere else tonight, and ordering pizza from another place next time.  Good luck with your employees and everything". 
Him:  "Yeah, they really messed up.  Have a good night."  (Said like this is a conversation he has 100 times a day...which he probably does).

*This is what gets me...this happened to me once before, and the place put our pizza at the front of the line, apologized profusely, and immediately offered money off of the order.  they also delivered it in like 20 minutes.  They didn't just make us resubmit our order and treat it like any other order, making us wait longer.  There was NO effort here whatsoever. 

When we drove past on our way to get a real dinner, we saw three employees sitting behind the counter, staring into space.

TL;DR:  Pizza place gives away our order, lies about it, makes us wait 2 hours, then acts like it's no big deal and we should be grateful we can even resubmit our order.  We went to Mr Sub, the best fast food place known to man.  I'm still craving pizza. 
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