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Damn Mechanics

Car Troubles
My car has been in the shop the past week. This is not exactly unexpected, since it's an older car, but I am so mad at the mechanics right now.
The car's engine was surging, and it would fade out sometimes. So I had it towed to County Auto and Rad, a small local place. I have had very bad experiences with the other mechanic in town, and I thought I would give this place a try. A friend's cousin manages it, and she told me they did very good work.
They told me the problem was my car's MAP sensor, which would cost about $300 to fix. No problem. Then a couple of days later, they call and tell me it is also the fuel pump which is broken. Replacing THAT brings the bill up to nearly $1000. Since I can't afford a new car, I borrow money from my parents to replace the fuel pump. I picked the car up this afternoon and it ran fine. I even checked all the fluids before I left the shop, because it has happened before where they emptied them to fix the car and forgot to fill them back up.
This evening, however, when I went to pick up my boyfriend from work the same problems started again! The engine was surging and then the car died on me. I was able to get it going, and back into my driveway, but I am beyond angry. They charged me nearly a grand and did not even fix the damn car.
I am going to try to call them tomorrow, but god knows if they are open weekends and even so, I have no idea where I will get the cash to fix THIS problem.

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