Sarah (dreadpiratekurt) wrote in bad_service,

Yet Another Surprise Bank Charge Story

Accent stereotyping free!

Due to Mark-My-Agent being a putz (as told by NEW-agent, Michelle) I had lost my account with Progressive (of six years) for my car insurance. He was the one who screwed up my zipcode at some point (some documents in my file have the correct one and some have the wrong one), and I never received a 'please verify your address' letter, because it went to the wrong address in a near-by town -- Mark was all "D'oh!" And said he'd find me quotes for a new account with a different company. "I'll call you right back!" he says.

He doesn't. So I call him.

Phone tag ensues.

Of course, the messages he left me didn't actually exist in this reality, but I've grown used to Mark's ways and call until I catch him. He has some quotes! Yikes! going from $92/month to $190/month hurts, but he quotes me Local Generic Company at $120. I agree that's the best deal and he says "I'll call you back."


I chased him around with the phone for awhile, but we had like a week of bad ass snow days, so I cut him some slack.

So, I get a package in the mail and a notice. My new insurance cards AND a notice that I was signed up for Electronic Billing (WUT) and my payment of $166 would come out on the 9th.

It *was* the 9th. I race home and log into my account. Oh snap. There it was, and there went my car payment bouncing right back to Chase. Plus a $30 fee. And the $25 dollar fee Chase would (and did) hit me with. So over $200 bucks of SURPRISE. I call and yell at Mark for awhile, who took me off electronic billing and said he'd try and find me a cheaper quote, not quite getting the problem. He thought I was just mad about his quote being wrong.

I'll live, Chase was cool when I explained things (the guy was mostly just "Wow, what a douche") and I arranged to make a double payment (OUCH).

My NEW agent, Michelle, who took over my case, set me up with me actually confirming a quote and gave me an amount AND a due date of my choice. And flat out said my file was a hot mess, and Mark had Been Doing It Wrong for two years, on many accounts. And there were even things from Progressive that he never mailed out. Mark works (worked?) for GE Financial Services. (I don't want the dude to lose his job, not in this economy, but I hope someone smacked him upside the head for Sucking.)

I fell for it, too...when he blamed Progressive Corporate for fucking up my address. But he really couldn't explain his suckage away this time.
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