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The $41.65 Charge I Did NOT Make!!!!!!

OK so here is the way it went...

I went online to check and see if my direct deposit had cleared the bank yet.  I need to keep check at all times on what has cleared the bank and when as I will be moving soon and need to know when it is safe to close the account and how much I have left to do things with.  That being said I checked the balance tonight in my cherub like demeanor. I look gazingly upon the bank's online banking screen.  

It was then my jaw dropped open and I started pointing at the monitor and making a wheezing throaty noise that lead up to something that the fiance calls demonic possession.  The anti virus people I used a year ago charged me for this coming years service which I have not only not ordered or wanted, they had not emailed me or billed me warning me they would do so and time to cancel.  My service for this year is not even up yet!  I have a month to go yet they are all ready charging me AGAIN without my consent.  Well that sent the old proverbial blood pressure through the roof and this roof has cathedral ceiling if I may add.  So, being the business smart person I am, I look for their web site and get to the Contact Us portion that is hidden in gray at the bottom.  *They really hope you don't find it*  I find a toll free number and think "this will be easy and all will be well in no time.  NOT SO!  My call went sort of like this....

***IW-Irritating worker

IW: Hello thank you for calling __________ I am Jahmel may I have your account information plez.

ME: Yes my name is ______ and I have been charged for a service I did not want to renew and my current service with you has not expired.  I would like a refund please.  

IW: aye yes uh just one moment um kin I git yor emailz addey.

ME:  urannoying@themaximum.com (not real email)

IW:  cud u say that again? 

ME:  sure (repeat)

IW:  Oh OK and with whom do I spoke to?

ME:  Tickle Me Elmo

IW:  arg um yes I have your name again I don understan

ME:  Tickle            Me            Elmo   

IW:  ah yesss I have your account how can I help you?

ME:  *thinks I have told him already*  OK well first off I want to get a refund for a service I not only did not request but was not told I would be charged for and secondly my service is not up with you yet.  I have a month or more to go.  So yes I would like a  refund please.

IW:  Well in terms and conditions you know it say *insert charlie brown's teacher speaking noise*

ME:  Sir, before I called I read that to see if I missed anything.  I didn't I just want my refund can I get it yes or no?

IW:  Yes.  ok I will issu you a case number and transfer you to the refund department have a nice night.  

ME:  Thanks.

next one comes on and we will call him IW2 for irritating worker number 2.....

IW2:  Think you fro holdin may I have yur caze number plez

ME:  could you say that again

IW2:  may I have your caze numer plez

*strong accent so I had to get him to repeat*

ME:  Yes it is S45972014DB

IW2: and what is this in reqards to?

ME:  *thinks to myself this is a refund department and he does not know*   OK well sir I want a refund for a product I did not order.

IW2:  Why?

ME:  because I did not order it, you did not bill me in advance stating you were going to do this and this could have thrown my whole bank balance if I had made a major purchase.  May I please have my refund?

after a long time on hold he comes back

IW2:  Think you for holdin I am going to credit your account the amount.  

ME:  OK now that means you are putting the money in the bank right?  And you are closing this account with your company right?

IW2:  *typing noises and long pause*  yez ok I will do that and it will take 5 business dayz.

ME:  5 BUSINESS DAYS!  5 BUSINESS DAYS!  WHAT!!!  You did not warn me 5 days prior to this and yet it will be 5 days before I get my money I can't believe this!!  

IW2:  It takes that long for our bank to do so.

ME:  OK I will look for the refund anxiously thank you and good night.

IW2:  Thank you for calling ............. ...........and feel free to use ............ dot com good night.

My bad service is not that I did not get the refund.  I am supposed to get a refund.  (full amount)  The bad service is why don't you bill people or email people to let them know this kind of thing?  They could save a lot of hassle with people if they would just notify them somehow and give them a time margin to respond.  If they don't respond in the time they get charged.  I could accept that.  Seriously I could.  But this charge out of nowhere?  No that is not good.  And for them doing this they will get me not recommending them to my customers, as well as I will NEVER use them again, and have all ready told my family what they did.  I can't believe that people could entertain the notion of doing this.   If I had not had enough money to cover it they would have made me have an overdraft charge to pay!  And 5 business days?  Come On!  I could handle 2 to 3 but 5??????  Seems a little long to me.

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