One Marble Shy (treyvana) wrote in bad_service,
One Marble Shy

Where, praytell, are my cookies?

This is only just teetering on the edge of bad service at the moment

I love, adore, and am adicted to Girl Scout cookies. Most prominently, Samoas. NOT 'Carmel Delites' (ugh), but the real, old school Samoas. I will, once a year, pay 3.50 a pop for a few boxes, even though they have fewer cookies in them every year. And every year, it is also more difficult to find Little Brownie Baker cookies (the original manufacturer; Carmel Delites and the other 'fakes' or remakes are produced by ABC Cookie Co.).

But yet, every year I manage to hunt down Samoas: Sometimes at a random booth sale, other times I actually find a local troop that sells my preffered cookies.

This year, I found a troop, just over the state border, that sells them. I ordered mine in advance this year. 3 boxes of Samoas for me, and two for my friend in NYC, as well as a similar split of Thin Mints. it is in March, and I have no cookies. Cookies have arrived, I know for a fact. And, they have been distributed to the individual troops, I also know (due to booth sale dates that have come and gone).

I ordered from the troop leader, or cookie coordinator (I can't be sure which; they called me after I left a message on the cookie hotline). I have heard nothing about my cookies. So, I called and left a message at the number the cookie contact gave me, with my number and my name. I haven't heard back yet. You would think, running a bussiness (and yes, GS cookies are bussiness, even if they are for fundraising purposes) they would be a little better about a 10-box order.

I just want my cookies. I will gladly hand over payment for them, but I want them, gosh darnit!

She has a couple days to call me back- If I don't hear back from her by Sunday, I will go to the local booth sale and get them there. That gives them a total of over two weeks to make a phone call. I really am trying to be patient, but everyone else I know has already gotten their cookies, and it's making me jealous.


OK, so as I said, I was giving time for response- The lady just got back to me. They have been having family issues (I was being patient, btw)...I pick up my cookies on Friday.

All is well!
Tags: ^annoyance, helpful comments
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