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Some Bear

My upstairs neighbor is a crazy bitch who I've been complaining about in my journal since 2004. That's not the bad service, that's just a little background on the situation, which is actually that she enjoys wearing shoes indoors 24 hours a day, stomping like the Hulk, and does not own a rug. Her incessant stomping has created cracks in my ceiling.

Today my cracks started leaking.

I call my Super, but he's on vaca. I call my rental division. They promise to send someone out. A woman arrives in a timely manner.

I sleep in a loft, because this in NYC, and when seated on my toilet, I can touch every wall in my bathroom, okay? The cracks and leak are in my loft, behind my bed. I tell the woman: "I'm sorry, but you'll have to climb this ladder."

She doesn't; just cranes her neck and squints up at my ceiling murmuring. Then she announces she's going to try to get in touch with my upstairs neighbor. She is, of course, just this once, not home stomping around. The woman returns to my apartment and asks if I have any plastic, then offers to get me some plastic.

Here's why that's no help: the cracks are wide-spread; like a spider's web, and a drop of water falls through a different crack every second. Enough to fill a coffee cup in 15 minutes.

The woman leaves to get me plastic anyway. She's gone a while, and I figure she has just taken the opportunity to flee. And then I hear noise in the apartment upstairs. I run up there, hoping it is my neighbor, who I can passive aggressively tell not to use her water or anything. But it's the lady the rental division sent. She broke into my neighbor's apartment. She tells me my neighbor's toilet has overflowed. A lot.


But she tells me she has shut off the water, and the leaks will stop soon, and that she has called a plumber. She comes down to my apartment about ten minutes later and says:

"It's stopped?"

No. It hasn't stopped. It's still as bad. She assures me again that it will stop soon. I ask her what they plan to do about it. She tells me again that a plumber is coming.

She tells me when it is dry, they will paint my ceiling. But she isn't sure when.

I try to explain as calmly as possible that that is not acceptable. That even if my ceiling were leaking pure mountain spring water, and not fecal matter, they cannot just paint over it. My ceiling looks like it's caving in, and it's not sanitary. I will have mold.

She confides to me: "I'm just a cleaning lady."

I ask her: "But the rental division sent you, you can at least tell them that's not good enough, right?"

No, she tells me. The rental division is the boss, and they decide what to do.

That was an hour ago. It is still leaking just as badly. I am making this post, and then I am calling my rental company again.

Please enjoy these crappy (ha ha) iphone pictures.

A bowl full of beautiful colors. Like the fall foliage in Maine.

EDIT: Update. The leak stopped around 4pm. I was on the phone with the rental division for a while. They kept swearing up, down, and sideways that, although it is from a toilet, the water is somehow clean. Right. Magic toilet? Anyway, I finally got them to agree to cut out the sheetrock, replace it, re-plaster, and re-paint. Yay. But they can't do it until Friday. So that still kind of sucks. However, if they actually do it on Friday (and you better believe I'm going to be here the whole time, watching the workmen like a mold-fearing hawk, and will take my pictures and sample of poo-water to the Health Dept if they try to get away with just painting), I'll upgrade this to acceptable_if_annoying_service. Thanks for all the comments, they were really helpful.
Tags: apartment hell, landlord shenanigans
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