the Schwarzschild Ulna (aeolian_harp) wrote in bad_service,
the Schwarzschild Ulna

No service at all

I went into a small imports shop today. There were two people working there, and they were both pricing and stocking merchandise. I was going to say hello to them but they wouldn't even let me catch their eye or acknowledge me at all. The guy wouldn't move to let me get past him to browse the shelves. The woman wouldn't move to let me get past her to leave the store. Then when I finally was going to leave I stopped for a second to look at something and she brushed past me without saying a word. It was so weird, it's as if they had no idea I was even in their store.

During this time another customer came in and they immediately greeted him, went over to the register to ring him up, and then cheerfully say good-bye to him, then went back to ignoring me.
Tags: you gotta speak up
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