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Passive-aggressive service at Red Robin

My husband, my son, and I went to Red Robin tonight for dinner. We had an occasion to celebrate, and a bit of extra money with which we could go out. We decided on Red Robin because we like their food and the service tends to be great.

When we showed up a little after 9pm, we were the only customers. Understandable; it was late, and it had been snowing up a storm here in Quakertown. Our server, who was wonderful, sat us and brought us our drinks and appetizer promptly. We had to send back the fries with the app, as they were stone cold, but that wasn't a big deal-just got some fresh ones, no problem.

When my dinner came out (it was Seafood Pasta-shrimp and scallops with penne in a cream sauce with bacon), the scallops were barely cooked. Undercooked seafood tends to make me violently ill, so I flagged down the server and sent it to be recooked.

While I waited (15 minutes or so), my husband noted that the cooks were giving him dirty looks. That's when I started to get annoyed. My husband also found a bone sliver in his fish and chips while we waited.

When my remade food came back out-it was burnt. Completely burnt to being inedible. The cook had hidden the burnt bacon and scallops under the pasta =/

At that point, my meal was pretty much ruined. I told the server what happened, she saw the food I had uncovered, and assured me a manager would be out. The manager refused to come out, and left the server to deal with us. We just politely told her that we'd like our check, please, and we'd be going.

They at least took our appetizer and my meal off the check. We paid, tipped, and left. I wound up getting a sandwich from Wawa for my dinner.

I understand that it was a crappy night out, and it was dead, and the cooks and manager probably wanted to go home. But the fact of the matter is that we showed up (and left!) well within the posted hours of operation. We would have been gone sooner, actually, had they not screwed up my food in the first place.

We did complain through the form on the website, so hopefully someone a bit higher up will see it.
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