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Another IHOP Suck Story

I'm not really angry about this anymore, but I got some less than great service earlier this afternoon from IHOP which looking back I find more funny than irritating, but I'll share it anyway.

Now, this IHOP in particular has always given pretty bad service in terms of how long it takes to get seated when the restaurant is empty, the wait time for food, or even the wait time for anything else. However, I am addicted to their Garden Crepes, it's the only reason I put up with how slow they are, for the those damn crepes.

So I went in with my mom a few hours go, and as usual, the restaurant was empty. We waited for about 5 minutes until somebody poked their head out of the kitchen and saw us waiting there. Again, this is what usually happens so we're used to it.

We are being waited on by a kid who couldn't have been more than 17 and talked like he was going through puberty. The only reason I didn't get angry with him about anything that happened was because he was sort of endearing and just a nice kid, he just had some issues being a waiter.

I order my Garden Crepes and a dinner salad, my mom orders herself a dinner salad and whatever else she got I can't remember right now. He said "okay, I'll be RIGHT BACK with your salads!" Before he even walked away from the table my mom looked at each other with "yeah, right" expressions.

We're not people who are in a rush to eat and get out of there, so we don't mind waiting and enjoying each others company - however, I've never waited so long for a salad before at this IHOP, it had to have been at least 15 - 20 minutes. Finally, our little boy waiter brings out our salads then no less than 2 minutes later our meals arrive.

I'm eating my salad but glance over at my Garden Crepes which I've been looking forward to all day, and something just looked wrong with them ... they looked ... smaller than usual. I hate to be one of those people who outweighs the importance of quantity to quality so I just figured alright, maybe they are changing their portion size, whatever, it will be fine.

Finally, after getting done with my salad I go to eat my crepes ... when I notice there are no eggs in them (these crepes are made with eggs, cheese, mushrooms and spinach). what. the. hell. After a few minutes of looking around for our little boy waiter he finally shows himself and here's what happens:

me: um, there's no eggs in my crepes.
LBW: oh, you wanted eggs in them?
me: uhhh ... there are supposed to be aren't there?
LBW: **thinking** um, so you want them redone with eggs?
me: i guess, since that's what it says in the menu, right?
LBW: yeah, okay, i'll have them remake them for you!

Getting me a new set of crepes didn't take them that long, so I do have to give them credit for that.

So sometime while I'm eating little boy waiter finally comes around to see if we want a refill, my mom was totally done with her iced tea and i had about 3/4ths of my diet coke left ... so he took my mom's glass and left to give me a new glass for my refill. When he came back I was finished with my other soda and put it down on the table just as he was putting the new one down. Before I had a chance to notice the exchange he runs off and I realized he took off with my straw and failed to give me a new one **facepalm**

Eventually though he came around so I was able to ask him for a new straw.

I know many of you will probably say I should have spoken to a manager. Well, the manager wasn't too good either as she arrived for work while we were getting ready to leave. They were having a little employee gossip session in the corner of the store and I overheard the manager making fun of one of their other customers. I figured that speaking to her really wouldn't have done much for a solution. Besides, as I said the little boy waiter wasn't the brightest crayon in the box .. but he actually was extremely nice so he got brownie points for that.
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