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Bad Service at IHOP

So after seeing a production of Grease the cast, crew and friends decided to go to IHOP. Admittedly we were somewhat loud, but the IHOP was almost empty until we left.  Keeping in mind that it was almost empty my table (our group filled 3 big tables) never got menus. The waiter ignored us even when we tried to wave him down. Three of our group memebers had to leave before the food even came because the waiter ignored us.  When we tried to ask for a box we were ignored. I'm just miffed by the fact that we were ignored in all likelihood because we were teenagers. We were polite and well behaved, just a little adrenaline rushed (for the cast and crew) or sugar rushed (for the rest of us) which lead to us being kind of loud, but that was no reason to ignore us in an almost empty restaurant.
Tags: *restaurant, stupid ageism
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