SuperNova (nebulagate) wrote in bad_service,

Priceline and Sun Country

Last night me and my roomate drive up to the Denver airport to drop off our friend who stayed with us over the holidays. When we went to check in her bags for an 8:40 flight we discovered that the only sun country flight for the night had taken off two hours earlier. Apparently sun country had cancelled the flight without informing the passengers. My friend wasn't the only one this happened to. A couple and two other minors had the same problem. The couple had booked thier flight directly though the Sun Country website, and while they did receive an email saying the flight number had changed but the times hadn't, she checked the website two days before departing and it was still scheduled. When she called the airline, they stated the website "wasn't up to date"
The other two minors had booked though, as my friend had. All of these people had booked a month before, in november. They had both priceline and sun country, and neither did anything. Priceline wouldn't even get them a hotel for the night, which they couldn't afford themselves.
My friend tried to call both companies, and the reps just said to call the other company. Sun Country didn't offer to book another flight the next day.
My friend was eventually able to book a flight with United, but Sun Country still screwed her out of a flight that was paid for, along with several other people.

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