Willow (muppetfromhell) wrote in bad_service,

Another ID post

Dear rams head tavern:
A non-expired sideways* VA license with a birthdate in 1984 is valid proof of being over 21. Your waitress agreed that it is, so why exactly is it your company policy not to serve my 24 year old friend for the sole reason that she doesn't feel like spending $20 to replace a perfectly valid document?

Thankfully no one checked our IDs on our way in, since the concert was 21+.

*in va, if you're under 21 when your license is issued, it's printed vertically instead of horizontally, and says "under 21 until (x date)" on it. Along with like 50 holograms, and probably a DNA sample. But apparently, being printed sideways makes their company unable to read a birthdate.
Tags: bar/public house
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