Andrea (allywonderland) wrote in bad_service,

No, you can't have your free sammich

So, Quiznos had their Million Sub Givewaway. I snagged a coupon for me and made my husband snag himself one. (Free food, hell yes!)
We go today to get our free subs, I print off the vouchers 10 minutes before we leave. We get to the store, wait for 20 minutes in line. Finally order our sandwiches. We both wanted to get the combo, since their small is extremely small. I get to the register and have this exchange

A = Me
Z = My awesome husband
CG = Clueless Sub Guy

A: Okay, and we wanted to make each of these combo meals.
CG: Well, if you're using your free sub coupon you can't get the combo meal price.
Z: Why not?
CG: I don't know how to ring it in. You have to pay for each thing separately.
Z: Oh how much are the drinks?
CG: It's on the menu that's under your sandwich carrier.
(We look at the menu, decide we're not paying $1 for the chips + $1.60 for the drinks.)
A: Okay I guess we'll just get the sandwiches.
CG: Your coupon has been declined.
A: Wha...?
CG: It's been declined I'll try one more time but you're going to have to pay for the subs.
Z: Does the second one work?
CG: I'm not even going to try it if the first one doesn't work. You're going to have to pay for the subs.
A: Um... I'm sorry but I'm not paying for the subs. There's no reason for the coupon to not work. I just printed them 10 minutes before I got here and then I waited in line for 20 minutes because you're very understaffed. If you can't make the coupon work I am just leaving.
CG: That's shoplifting.
A: I'm sorry that it is, but I feel luring me in here with the promise of a free sub and then refusing to give it to me is bait and switch.

(Okay I was wrong, it does say no combo discount on the coupon, so that part was not his fault)

TL;DR : Quiznos doesn't know how to redeem their Million Sub Giveaway coupons and calls me a shoplifter. Good times!
Tags: deli/sandwich shop
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