the Anything Muppet (xerne) wrote in bad_service,
the Anything Muppet

Just sent this to tech support...

... but I'm doubting I'll hear back from them. I never hear from tech support. So I'm posting it here to make me feel like I haven't wasted twenty minutes.

I've been with Cyberpixels on one account or another for several years now and even given your track record, I've been extremely unimpressed with the quality of service in the last month. As if it were not bad enough that my sites were down for hours and having PHP issues for days, I find it nearly impossible to actually get in touch with anyone at your company -- it seems like the Help Desk is always down when my site is, and with the forum link redirecting to the help desk and the support page a blank, there's no where for me to seek redress. Even this email address will just route back to the Help Desk, and I certainly doubt I will get a reply, seeing as I had a ticket sitting open since the 22nd of December with not a single reply. I closed it today in frustration, seeing that PHP seems to be working (for the moment anyway.) If I hadn't prepaid for the year of hosting, I'd have already switched to a new host, and as it is I'm considering moving now instead of waiting until February.

Of course, last time I closed a single account with you, I was treated rudely over AIM by one of your tech support people. I couldn't access my FTP and was basically told "oh well, you're closing your account, we don't give a damn anymore". (Funny, the lack of support and inability to access my site were why I was moving in the first place.) What a wonderful way to leave a pleasant taste in your customers' mouths when they go elsewhere.

Your recent post in the Help Desk suggested things would get better in the new year, but there was still no reply to my query. I am tired of the frustration, tired of trying to get in contact with a tech support that seems nonexistant, and tired of finding my site down every time I try to link someone to a page or check my mail on the web. I highly suggest you honestly shape up your support department, as you seem to pledge to do every few months, and perhaps reinstate the forum or some other way of keeping your customers appraised of what's going on on your side. I doubt I'm the only person who feels like I'm shouting technical problems into a vaccuum.

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