Catie (indicinderelly) wrote in bad_service,

Heaven Dragon in Arvada, CO

I met my parents for dinner last night and arrived just a couple minutes after them. I found later that they had to tell the waiter three times that they were going to wait to order until their daughter got there.

So about 10 minutes go by and our waiter finally comes by and says "What do you want?"

In addition to our meals, my dad and I order two sodas ... that we never got. We reminded our waiter throughout the night and he kept saying "Oh, okay" like it was news to him, and never brought them out.

My mom had to ask for a knife about five times before she finally got one, and the unused plates that were on the table when we arrived, sat near the edge the entire time, as did our dirty plates once we finished and stuck around to chat.

Our waiter was prompt in bringing out the bill and running my dad's credit card, but he handed it off to another waiter to return to us. The other waiter started reading my dad's CC NUMBER outloud (instead of his name?!?) to verify that he was bringing it back to the right table.

I told my dad to let me take care of the tip (as I was going to leave a tip appropriate for the service we received) but he signed off on 15% like he does with all his restaurant bills.
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